About me

I did not pick my username because of the anime “Fate Stay/Night” as many presume. Actually, it was a name I picked for a character I drew for an AXN contest back in 2003. Saber was because of her weapon, and Kite because of her chosen vehicle. If any, my major influence would be “Saber Rider and the Star Sheriffs”. Years later, I realized that saber_kite was my initials backward.

I am unapologetically brash at times, am rather opinionated but sometimes, I rarely get to say it. I don’t like confrontations, but if I feel very strongly about it, I’ll fight for it.

I believe in equality, in loyalty, honesty and fidelity. I am a staunch believer of my rights and value common sense. I believe in being thankful for each day that is given, for each is a blessing.

I don’t like butchering any language, and anyone who replies to my posts in text speak either gets ignored or my wrath. Love your words. Spell them out. Respect proper grammar, punctuation and usage. Love and peace.

I write. I draw. I take photos. I dream. I live.


  1. Hi I'm sorry but no. 🙁 When I said Bambang in my post, I meant Bambang in Manila. Have you tried checking the online papers? I really don't have any info on that. 🙁

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