another day

I realized that I have an entry for each February 14 since I started blogging. Reading back, they were mostly write-ups about my day more than being about the holiday itself, though I also realize that I wasn’t really at home during those days. Some, I was at work, then out with friends. It was only once that I was home because I was sick.

Today, I was out again. Spent most of the day with Den, sending out the books we sold as well as going on a food trip. I indulged in some ramen, strawberry milk tea, gelato, New York Cheesecake from KK and coffee. Hungry much?

Met my cousin Miel later on to watch Boyce Avenue at The Block. I’ve heard of them before but haven’t really listened to any of their songs (covers or original), so I checked them out on mySpace. I like their cover of “Disturbia”.

They’re pretty good musicians, and good looking guys too. A few of their songs remind me of the Goo Goo Dolls, maybe due to the guitar intros. I’m crushing on Stephen Hatker hehe.

There were some “fail” moments though, but it was mostly thanks to the girls behind Miel and me. They were noisy, rude and complaining how boring the band was if they didn’t play cover songs. Well, duh. They’re not a cover band, even if that’s where they started.

Winner moment: During the intro of one of their songs, Miel and I were guessing what it was. I said, “Wonderwall yan. Oasis,” and I was right. However, I heard one of the girl shout, “Thunder!” Later on, she (or her friend) said, “Ay, Winding Road ata.” Miel and I just about died laughing.

Dinner was a gourmet home-cooked meal. Watched Ploning and now planning an inuman session. Happy V-day to you all!