DSL woes again

I’ve had problems with Globelines DSL from the get-go. Sure their sign-up and activation is fast (three working days) but I didn’t get the speed they promised until after a week, and it wasn’t even Globe’s tech support who got it up and running. Instead, it was a friend of my brother who was playing around with the settings on Windows and got it up to the speed that our subscription was supposed to have.

Over the next months, the connection was ok, at best. It wasn’t as spectacular as the PLDT connection I used when I was in Cebu (which was corporate one and the fastest that’s currently available here), nor was it as good as the T1 connection we had back in Sykes.

As I’m typing this on Pages, the webpage for Blogger hasn’t loaded yet and I’ve refreshed it some five or six times. Twitter hasn’t loaded since about ten minutes ago, Plurk isn’t updating and everything else is just shitty. The only thing working fine is my Yahoo Messenger.


My internet has been off for about a week when we went to Zambales for the long vacation. Before leaving the DSL was working just fine. Not spectacular, but at least I can visit the sites I need to go to and they all load decently.

When I got back January 2, I could connect just fine, but browsing was another issue. I could barely load the sites I usually visit, I can’t load Google sites, which included my email, my blog, my photos and my default search engine.

So I did what I know to troubleshoot: powercycle both modem & router, clear cache and cookies, restart computer. I was able to browse the first few minutes, but then it went back to the same problem. Did it again until I couldn’t figure out what to do next so we just tolerated the connection.

It was really frustrating. You go to a page, it starts loading… and loading… and loading. Until you realize you’ve been waiting for nearly five minutes for the freaking page to load. So I stop it, hit shift + f5 and wait. No go. I keep refreshing until finally the page loads. Probably ten minutes has passed for one page to pop up.

What’s worse is that when you click a link in the page, the same thing happens all over again.

There are days when it does let the pages load without trouble, but that’s maybe like two out of ten times in a day. Buti nalang I don’t have to work from home because if I were, I’d long be out of a job thanks to this connection.

And it’s not just in my computer. My brother’s computer is also experiencing problems with browsing. Both of us have several browsers and they all have the same problem. He’s using Windows XP and I’m using OSX.

I figured it might be the wireless router that’s having the problem, since there was a time that I couldn’t find a wireless signal. So after resetting it, it worked fine for a while then the same problems happened. I connected the Mac to the modem directly… and still similar problems: some pages won’t load, some will load but only after several refreshing, some pages load fast, and they hate Google.

I also checked my speed on Speedtest.net and it was slower than 1 Mbps, unlike in the previous months where we got the optimum speed.

Over the weekend I called up tech support and told them my woes. Speaking to an agent was also a problem because I kept getting disconnected while in the middle of telling them my problem. Thankfully, the last person I spoke to on Sunday dispatched at tech so all I needed to do yesterday was follow-up on that on-site tech request. My problem now is, who would be at home when the tech comes by?

Ah well, they should get this fixed. I’m not getting my money’s worth. I don’t want to pay the full charge for this month because I wasn’t able to use the full service. I hope by the end of the week (I’m being generous in giving that time frame instead of saying tomorrow) the DSL would be working properly.