DSL woes, oh no

Still dealing with DSL woes. Globelines DSL is not working fine for me since the start of this year that everytime I use the Internet I end up cursing the damn service.

Yesterday, the service technician called me up and asked if my DSL was ok. Now, I don’t know if it’s a standard procedure for Globe’s tech support, but I would expect someone I talked to would at least put something on the notes that I repeatedly said “No one is home on weekdays because we have to work or go to school. Can we do this on a weekend?”

Now, if they think I’d be happy that they dispatched someone to fix my DSL, well, only partially.

The tech was nice enough to explain that there was no problem from Globe to the transmission box. As expected. He then wanted to do a test from within the house to see how the connection is. Again, going back, no one is home and no one can leave their respective responsibilities to go home and deal with this.

Yay, now I know how the customers feel like when they called Qwest TS. It’s not a nice feeling, mind you.

This morning, I tried going online and found that I can’t even connect to the internet. So I called TS, got disconnected after talking to one person for six minutes, called and the same thing happened. Oh joy.

Not only that, the last person I talked to obviously wasn’t listening to whatever I was saying. I opened the call by giving out the details they needed, then he said, “Thank you for that, can I get your account number?” to which I replied, “Kabibigay ko lang.”

He repeated my problem, based on how I relayed it, but unfortunately, he got it all wrong.

Tech: “So ma’am, ang problem nyo po is lagi kayong na di-disconnect?”
Me: “No, I said, I can connect but I can’t browse, and that this has been going on for a month now. The tech said the connection from you guys is ok up to the transmission box but the problem may lie from that to my house. What I’d like to know now is how come I can’t connect to the Internet at all whereas last night I could, I just couldn’t browse decently. It’s not a problem with my modem to my pc, it’s a problem from you guys to my modem.” (the last part was added because he asked if I’ve checked the wires to my computer and all)
Tech: (about five seconds of silence then) “Ok po.”

Then the call got disconnected. Checking my call logs (I used my cellphone) the calls get disconnected after six minutes and thirty-four seconds (6:34). I wonder if that has a special meaning to Globe?

Obviously, I’m online now, but I still have the same problems:
– Most sites load, but very slowly. Takes about twenty to thirty seconds for a site to even register, a bit longer to load.
– If it takes longer than that, I have to stop it, refresh and wait again.
– Most Google sites take eons to load
– If it loads at all, the links within that page take a long time to load
– Sometimes, some pages don’t load at all.
– The sites vary, so I can’t do an accurate test, like if it’s the site that’s having problems or what.
– This occurs on four different browsers (two Firefox, Chrome and Safari. Camino won’t load anything) on two computers (a Windows XP and a Mac OSX), both on wireless.
– If the laptop is wired, the connection is only slightly better, but still with similar problems
– Speedtest.net doesn’t show accurate speeds (using the QC server). If I use the SG server, response time is nil. I loaded it about ten minutes ago, still nothing.
– No problems with messengers. I was on Skype over the weekend and the people I talked with said the reception was clear.
– Clearing cache & cookies won’t help. I’ve powercycled more times that I care to count. Ping works fine, no losses. Releasing & renewing IP, done. Kulang nalang I reinstall the TCP/IP which I know won’t help.

Whew. Enough ranting.

Off to meet my friend Armi. Thankful for that. 🙂