Globelines woes: finally!

Got home and was pleasantly surprised to see that my DSL was performing very well. The pages load quickly, I could go to any site I wanted to with no difficulty. On a whim, I decided to test it on

First test results:

I was so amazed. I haven’t seen that speed since last year, probably sometime before the Christmas season. At first I was really skeptical, and I figured that in a few hours I’d be back to having a really slow connection again.

About a few minutes later, I did the test again.

Wow. I didn’t expect that, but I figured I should just enjoy it while it lasts.

When my brother Miks arrived from school, he asked if the Internet was working fine and he said that a technician came over to fix it. Like, really fix it, not just to do a cursory check and say “It’s fine.”

Imagine, I had to call Globelines’ tech support several times in the last two days and get nothing, while my brother Nunik called once and got it fixed. I’m just glad it’s fixed.

To Globe Telecom/Innove (though I doubt if you’ll be reading this): Thank you for giving me back my DSL, but fix your service please. I know you guys are confident that you’ll always have customers since there’s only a handful of ISPs currently here in the country, and you all offer just about the same thing, but that doesn’t justify crappy DSL connection and slow tech support response time. Not to mention a couple of lousy tech support agents who insist “There’s no problem naman po.”

Yeah, yeah. Your records show no problem but myself as the person who uses the service has problems.

So, I’m back online, and hopefully, the service will continue to work well. I don’t like badmouthing anything, but I won’t hesitate to tell others not to get Globelines DSL if they have other options.