Laughing all the way

I must have looked weird as I made my way to the train station from the office. I had my music playing through my phone’s headset and occasionally, I’d be mouthing the words to the song that was playing. That wasn’t what probably made me look crazy. What it was is the fact that I’d suddenly grin, or laugh.

Now if you were walking along with friends, it probably would be normal. Not in this case.
From the office to the train station, I kept coming across things or people that made me smile, or, in some cases, laugh.

Today, it was this: I was reminded that it was Ash Wednesday one I stepped out of the office compound. The church next door was packed, which normally happened only on Thursdays. The people who came from that direction had black cross marks on their foreheads made of soot. For a predominantly Catholic country, this is a tradition that must be done. (The discussion on why I don’t is another story to be told at another time)

I didn’t really pay much attention… except when this young nursing student crossed my path. Call me rude but I couldn’t help but stare at the cross on her forehead. It seemed to me that the priest had been a tad generous with the ash. Not only was is so thick and black, but it was big! I think it covered most of her forehead.

At least her boyfriend matched her. He also had a very big and very black cross on his forehead.

Yesterday’s sunset

From the train platform. The tall buildings are Eastwood City, Libis.