Music memory

I made a new playlist on my iTunes out of all the songs I have on my hard-drive (give or take a few that I probably missed putting in), because I was tired of the same songs I've been playing for a while. I added in a few of the songs I recently acquired, and with a total of 200+ songs, I knew I'd be entertained for the whole work day. Heck, I can play this list from the start of my shift without repeating a song and still have some left unplayed before I go home.

In the process of making the playlist, I unearthed some songs that were favorites of mine from years ago. Songs from my childhood, my high school and college years, to the days when I first started working.

Some of the songs reminded me of a place. Some of them reminded me of people, whereas some reminded me of events. It's pretty interesting on which one triggers which memory, much like how a certain smell or taste does the same thing.

On my playlist are songs from Maroon 5's first album, Songs About Jane. That album reminds me of my former co-worker Timber, who brought that album to work one day and we played it over and over until we memorized it. Vertical Horizon's Go strongly reminds me of Vince, because it was he who kept playing the album until we were both singing it (Gilbz owned the album, by the way).

Parokya ni Edgar's Papa Cologne reminds me of Ron S., because knew that it's a song that makes me laugh so he keeps playing it. Eraserheads' Minsan reminds me of Maya, because she accidentally changed the dorm Kalayan to something else (no, not Narra).

Any of the following songs reminds me of high school: Blackstreet – No Diggity; Allure – Last Chance; Usher – You Make Me Wanna; Queen – We Are The Champions, We Will Rock You; any of Alanis' songs from Jagged Little Pill; Tonic – If You Could Only See; Live – Lighting Crashes; Weezer – Say It Ain't So; Batman & Robin OST; Mariah Carey – Honey; any song from Hanson's Middle of Nowhere; Third Eye Blind, Rivermaya and of course, Eraserheads songs… to name a few.

These songs will remind me of Cebu: John Legend – Save Tonight; Snow Patrol – Chasing Cars; The Fray – How to save a life; and that Paris Hilton song, Stars something.

Anything Frank Sinatra or something from that era: my grandparents.

And Manelyn Reynes' Sayang na Sayang will always be that trip to Quezon. My brother Nunik and my tito Rodel will know why.

What songs trigger memories for you?