Unusual Monday

Yesterday was an interesting day. There were some major changes at work, major in the sense that the officials had a re-shuffling, but us in the lower ranks pretty much stayed the same. There's no telling what this change means for us, but we're hoping it's good.

Anyway, it was a pretty unusual day. I started my day late, my turn for the 10-7 shift. As soon as I arrived, I had only enough time to update the site I was assigned to then we left for the turn over ceremonies and lunch at the other office. It was interesting, and I even got to have a picture with Rey Langit, a popular figure in Philippine broadcasting.

After lunch, my officemates and I were at our second office, waiting for the time when we could leave when my boss called and told us to go to a press con. I suddenly remembered my college days when my classmates and I would often go to kapihans or press cons of Baguio officials for our journalism and broadcasting classes. Or we'd be tagging along our professors (who were writers for the Philippine Daily Inquirer Northern Luzon Bureau) to various events around Baguio, proudly carrying the tag that proclaimed we were part of the media. Those days were such fun, and standing in that room with other reporters and media practitioners brought back fun memories.

I suppose, with those memories still fresh in my mind, I still have a very idealistic view of how a journalist should be.

I took notes too, and was amused to find out that my habits in that task hasn't changed. I tend to write down everything I could, rather than taking down keywords like most reporters did. I longed for my laptop then. Good thing I didn't have to write a news article though. I surely would've failed if I were being graded. Right now, I could tell you what they were talking about, but I'm positive it wouldn't make any sense.

Thus goes my unusual Monday.