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2011 Year Ender Post

Happy New Year everyone!

2011 started off pretty well for me. I was still on a high from the awesome events of 2010 and I was excited to do some things in 2011. I think I have done what I can, and I enjoyed the ride immensely.

Highlights of my 2011
My first trip out of the country: My best friend Carmenez invited me to join her family’s trip to Singapore and a cruise onboard the Superstar Virgo. It was among the best experiences this year and it alone included so much firsts for me.

Experiencing extreme activities in CDO and Bukidnon: The same best friend dragged me (willingly) to join her in white water rafting, riding an ATV and riding the Zorb. While I was scared spitless with these activities, I enjoyed all of them. Our guide were awesome people, so I was glad to hear that they were doing ok after Sendong.

Getting my first DSLR: I took the jump and got myself a Canon Rebel T2I/Kiss X4/550D. It took a huge chunk of my 13th month bonus but I have no regrets. Right now my subjects are toys, landscape and the best highlight of my 2011.

My niece, Olivia Cassidy: My brother Nunik surprised us when he said he was going to be a dad, but we were all excited. Cassie joined our family on August 26 of this year, and life has never been the same since.

My 30th birthday: When I was younger, I thought 30 was old. Particularly when my mom was only in her early 20s when I was born, so I thought this age was so far away. Well, it has come and gone but there are days when I still can’t believe that it’s how old I am. I still get mistaken for my mid-twenties, something which I’m quite thankful for. Right now, I do believe that age is just a number, and shouldn’t be a factor that influences things. I feel that I’m just starting out, and there are so many things that I can and need to do. 2012 is my year, I’m making sure of it.

Watching Jason Mraz live: It may not be as monumental as meeting him, but close enough. Jason has this aura of positivity and love that makes you feel so alive and be thankful about it. His concert was a mix of laid back, chillin’ atmosphere, to a rock concert (with the way we were all screaming). He carried a message of love and peace, and I really felt that.

2011 was not without it’s downs, and December was the most hard hit of all. Still, it is not hard to see the good things, even though it’s painful.

Without further ado, here is my annual end of the year survey, although I only did one, rather than two. I hope that you had a wonderful year, and may 2012 be a blessed one for you.

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Thank you

There’s so much I am thankful for this year. Despite the many downsides, the heartbreaks and the pain, there is still so many blessings that it’s hard to pick just one. I’ve written down my top five “Thank you” moments for 2011.

1. My niece Cassie. Sometime this year, my brother surprised us with the news that his girlfriend was pregnant. We received it with much joy, as it had been a while since we had a baby in the family. On August 26, 2011, my niece Olivia Cassidy was born. Just seeing her makes my day brighter, and I am thankful for her. I am also grateful that her mom Cindy didn’t have any complications throughout her pregnancy, and was quick to recover after giving birth. I find my brother to be such a hands-on dad, and he’s good at it too.

2. The fact that despite the financial hardship, I’m still able to make ends meet and even have some left for fun and indulgences.

3. The travel opportunities this year with my friends and my family.

4. I’ll be out of work by January next year, but even though it’s a sad situation, I feel like it’s brought about a few good things: I interact a little more with my co-workers, I have time to pursue things that I want, and I’m ready to explore my creativity again.

5. The fact that I have new toys to play with is a big blessing.

Truthfully, that’s only the tip of my iceberg of “things to be thankful for”. And I’m thankful that I’ve got a lot to be grateful for. God bless!

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The Adventures of Tintin in 3D: Mixed Feelings

I’ve been a lifelong Tintin fan. My uncle is only a few years older than me, and he’s had the collection for as long as I can remember. I was browsing through the comics long before I could read, and by the time I was seven years old, I knew the stories by heart.

I welcomed the news of a 3D movie with a mixture of excitement and doubt. The cartoon adaptations were one thing, but I’ve seen how Hollywood treats adaptations, and while there are some which are good, there are those that make me wish they’ve just been left alone. The names Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson should have alleviated my fears, but even so, it wasn’t a guarantee that it would be a great movie.

I watched in on IMAX and I enjoyed the entire movie. I loved the opening sequence, the little references to other Tintin stories and how it showed the viewers how a typical Tintin adventure would go. The first scene at the market was quite faithful to the comic, and you can’t help but be captivated by the spectacular animation. Technology has so become advanced that while the characters were identifiable as Tintin, or the Captain, or Thompson and Thomson, they were realistic enough to be considered not so cartoony.

The story… ah. Here, my feelings are very much mixed. Like I said, I enjoyed the movie, but because I knew the story nearly by heart, I was a little bothered by the changes in the storyline. While I acknowledge the need for Spielberg, Jackson and their creative team to practice some liberties to fit the story for the big screen (after all, Red Rackham’s Treasure was nothing more than an account of Tintin’s group’s misadventures as they search for the treasure), it was rather weird to see certain parts of other Tintin stories included in what was supposed to be “The Secret of the Unicorn” and “Red Rackham’s Treasure”.

I shouldn’t really care, but dammit, I do. I suppose I’m giving off a mixed signal here. Yes, I liked the movie but… it’s a big “but” that I somehow can’t expound on.

However, I do recommend you see it. It is a fun watch, fast-paced with plenty of funny moments. If anything, Spielberg and Jackson got the personalities of the characters right, and Snowy was just awesome.

If you care to, I’ve listed down the differences that I’ve spotted. It contains plenty of spoilers, so proceed with caution.
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