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L’Arc~en~Ciel Tribute Album?

Today’s random browsing brought me to a site that had a list of Japanese music releases. I was looking through their selections, trying to find something new to listen to (I’m currently listening to my really old Japanese songs playlist) when I stumbled upon a few L’Arc~en~Ciel tribute albums.

I shouldn’t be surprised right? It isn’t unusual for other artists to pick a song of older bands and cover them and put them together as a tribute album. The Led Zeppelin tribute Encomium is one of my favorites. Even Filipino artists did some for the APO Hiking Society and the Eraserheads.

I must not be that of a fan if this missed my radar. My apologies.

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Kwentillion First Issue

I heard about Kwentillion through some folks I follow over Twitter and Plurk. I didn’t really pay much attention to it, because it was another comic book anthology.

On a recent trip to National Bookstore, I saw the issue and thought it looked better than I expected. The cover art was done by Chester Ocampo, someone who I had been following for a while now on DeviantArt. The magazine is published by Summit Media, so you can guarantee the quality of it.

I was surprised when I opened the magazine and found that the layout is not colored like other magazines, but monochromatic. The paper is of good quality, not glossy but not newsprint either. The magazine size is just right, quite like the Animerica Extra magazines that I used to get back in highschool.

And that is what Kwentillion sort of reminds me of: A collection of comics, articles, interviews and stories, showcasing the brilliant and creative minds of Filipino writers and artists. I have yet to finish the entire issue (I wanted to make it last for as long as I could instead of devouring it in one sitting), but I like what I’m seeing. Continue reading

Party like it’s 1989: NKOTBSB Live in Manila

Last night was a trip back in time. My companions were the people I count as my best friends, and ones I know wouldn’t laugh at me screaming my head off for men who pranced about on stage and sang songs that were famous more than a decade ago.

For a few hours, we were all screaming fangirls soaking in the amazing performance of New Kids on the Block and Backstreet Boys. Fangirls of today ain’t got nothing on us.

I don’t feel like rambling on about this for now, but it’s definitely one of most memorable concerts I’ve been to this year (and considering I’ve seen a bit already). Here’s something I wrote last night on Tumblr. I’ll probably expand on that later on.

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