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Round 1: My Very First

Like many Filipino kids growing up in the late 80s to early 90s, I had my share of watching Japanese cartoons on local TV. However, I never really knew that there was a term for it. All I knew that it was cartoons and it was Japanese. I remember my aunts and uncles telling me how they used to watch Voltes V but never got to finish it because of martial law.

Over the years, my brothers and I would get to watch various Japanese cartoon movies through our friendly neighborhood video store. My mother would take us there and let us pick our choices of cartoons (in Betamax!) to bring with us to the province. It wasn’t until I knew that they were called anime did I realize that I watched a few Studio Ghibli/Hayao Miyazaki classics, specifically Nausicaa and Pom Poko.

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The first anime that got me hooked on the whole shebang was Ranma 1/2. I was already a Dragonball fan with a huge crush on Trunks, and I had just discovered Yu Yu Hakusho because of an SNES game. I was a highschool freshman when one of my upperclassmen friends lent me a Betamax tape of the first six episodes of Ranma 1/2. While I was at first shocked by the nudity (which was doubly awkward as I was watching it with my then-elementary school age brothers), I grew to appreciate this wacky and weird Japanese cartoon.
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