So I’m on Facebook and…

Oh joy. I finally got to access this. *sigh* New blog, but same old ISP woes. Remind me to call them tomorrow. Or maybe Saturday.

The other day, I was chatting on YM with my friend Armi. She mentioned that she’s been hanging out lately with people from our high school and it brought up a lot of memories for her. Armi and I are from different batches, me being ahead three years or so, but we used to ride the same service to and fro school, plus the fact that her last name is the same as my grandmother’s maiden name sort of brought us together.

One thing led to another until we were talking about people in Facebook and who we’re connected to. I went online and searched for the said people and voila! I added up two former service-mates, my 5th grade adviser (who also happened to be the wife of our service owner, but back then was his girlfriend), a few other classmates and friends.

Going on FB is a lot more fun than being on Friendster, I tell you.

So far, my FB friends is composed mainly of relatives, my highschool friends, my college friends and co-workers. Oh, and my mom 🙂 And it’s like one big bad-ass reunion of sorts. I don’t think I’ve been this privvy to my cousins’ and classmates’ lives in… well, ever.

Good way to unwind after a taxing day at work.