Booking Through Thursday

  • Hardcover? Or paperback?
  • Illustrations? Or just text?
  • First editions? Or you don’t care?
  • Signed by the author? Or not?

Admittedly, I’m 50-50 on most of these. I know the value of books that are hardcover, illustrated, first editions or signed, and occasionaly, I give in to the temptation of having them. I have two copies of some of my books: one for keeping, and one for reading. Though given the cost of the first choices (again, hardcover, illustrated, first editions or signed), I often fall back to the latter ones: paperback, just text, subsequent editions and unsigned.

Frankly, I’m more for the joy of the story than the prestige of the collection, and I’m going to be re-reading a book, I know it gets worn down over time. So what’s the point in owning something that’s a collectible but I can only look at it?

Though amongst my pride & joy is a paperback copy of Neil Gaiman’s Stardust that is signed by him and has a drawing of a shooting star.

He was rather tired by the time he signed this, though I was among the first ten people whose books he signed that day


  1. Hi!I like to read my books also, not stick them on a shelf to look at. Great that you have a book signed. A keepsake! Have a great day!!Sherrie

  2. Hi all! Definitely books are for reading. If they’re going to take up space they should be worth it, for the contents and not for its monetary value. :DYeah, it’s my only autographed book but I love it! Cheers all!

  3. I think you right, because I’m more of joy for story then anything else too. I probably weren’t mind what books I have as long as the story are worthy keep. But the majority of my books are in paperback is because that is how I started with my books buying. Not until authors decided to change the paperback into hardcover back right in the middle of an on going series or trilogies. Hate it when that happen. So I has to get hardcover even when it look weird sitting side by side with the previous paperback. Congrats on your getting a signed copy from Neil! I know what excitment it must have been for you. Though I haven’t read his book, I know lot of readers rave about it 🙂 Oh and I never knew you brought two copies of each books: One to keep and one to read. Interesting!Thanks for visiting and commenting my blog Kat! Though I was wondering what happen to you when I couldn’t get into your original blog. I later found out you have changed your blog addy. And I had to replace it with this one to my sidebar 🙂 Nice to hear from you again! 🙂

  4. Now that is a very cool collectible! I often keep two copies of books also – one to read and one to lend. I know this seems crazy but I read my books so carefully, so neatly that it drives me nuts when I lend out a book and it comes back looking less than lovely.

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