Weekend pictures

Went out with my brother to watch a movie. We decided to watch Push (Chris Evans, Dakota Fanning) but he changed his mind and wanted to watch Street Fighter. Too bad I already got the tickets. So Push it was.

I'm not going to review it (never was good at it anyway). It was all right, nothing to rave home about. I just liked looking at Chris Evan's face and body. Dakota Fanning's older now, and it hurts me when she speaks because I am reminded that she does Coraline's voice and it's not yet being shown here in the Philippines (and no sign of it, it seems *sigh).

I did see the preview for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince and that had be all excited. Can't wait for that.

Tomorrow, I need to leave the house early.

Ano kabaliktaran ng “straw”?

For the techie boys

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