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What niche books do YOU read?

This question made me realize that I actually grew up reading niche books on various topics.

My mom is fond of buying books (when she can afford to) on various subjects that she’s interested in. When I was a kid, that was mostly about gardening, houses, interior design and cooking. Over the years she’s added books on travel, art (this is further broken down to painting and drawing), language and music, all of which I’ve read one time or another growing up.

Myself, I love reading books on web design, graphic design and manga (I have an academic interest in them). I’ve inherited my mom’s love for the languages and have contributed my own language learning books to the mix (she has French, I have Japanese & Spanish). Her art and design books have also become helpful for me in learning more about illustration.

And these are the sections I often go to when I pass by the bookstore.

What are your niche books? 🙂


  1. I loved your post about how your mother has influenced your reading choices. I love to get non-fiction books for my kids when they show an interest in a particular topic and hope that they grow up inquisitive and aways reading about the things that catch their attention. My niche reading interests vary over time, but currently I'm interested in Australian history and sewing. I also enjoy reading books about art and maths books.

  2. Hi Susan! Yes, my mom, her sister and my grandparents were big influences on my love for reading. Not neccesarily the subject though. My dad, though he wasn't much of a reader, he encouraged my siblings & I to read and often, when I ask for something when we go out, it's a book and he doesn't say no. :)I think it's great that our interests change. Though there's so much books on one particular niche, we can always add to what we like.Shari, I think I have a few German language books too, thanks to my grandfather. And I never had a garden either! At least, one for my own but I love reading about it (except about pests hehe)Hi Violetcrush! I love reading, and I try to go beyond the novels. These books are as far as non-fiction I'll go hehe. Manga's a pretty interesting topic, and though it's a modern art, you can trace its roots back to Japanese ancient times.

  3. Ladybug, thanks! I think there's a lot of interesting things out there to read about, and this is just barely skimming the surface!Gautami, languages are amazing aren't they? So far I can greet in five languages, say "how are you" in three and curse someone in six haha.Jacqueline, I'm off to read yours after I type this in. 🙂

  4. I struggled through a few books on web design when building a website once, but it's nothing I would read for pleasure! That, or math books. But I love to read art books.

  5. Books on Web design and graphics design are incredible. I find myself wandering over to that part of the bookstore, and just flipping pages of some of the books, completely amazed by the things some people do. I'm an amateur graphics designer, so guess that's where the interest piques from. I love looking at some of the websites as well. Mine… well, take a peek. Hint: think computers & programming!

  6. Hi all! It's nice to see fellow enthusiasts on graphic arts and web design. It can be a daunting topic, but it's definitely interesting. I've yet to fully design my own site or templates, but I'm [email protected] yes, I do believe that languages are niche books. Anything that concentrates on a particular topic would definitely cater to a niche. 🙂

  7. I read lots of manga O_Owhen i was studying computers, got a few programming books, now im doing marketing and been reading a few books about it.But the one im really interested right now is "the girl who stole books". I really like this kind of romance.i tried learning japanese a couple years ago but that didnt go well. Been trying spanish for a while ^^

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