Fangirl mode on

Forgive me if I’m going to start gushing. I’ve been a longtime fan of the Harry Potter series, starting from the moment I read the first book during a vacation to my mom’s hometown in Bicol. My cousin bought her copy and I wasn’t really interested, but I was bored, so I read it… and never stopped.

During the previews while watching “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen,” I didn’t expect to see the trailer. I was talking to Drew when the trailer for “Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince” started. I gasped, and shut up. It didn’t matter that I had seen it before, and that I knew what was going to happen to the story since yeah hello, it was based on the book.

There’s so much to it that makes me enjoy the entire Harry Potter world. Granted it’s not perfect, and there has been many criticisms to it in the past (the writing, the similarities to other stories, the not-so-good ending, not to mention the talks on the book being anti-Christianity and all that), but you can’t deny that it is good entertainment.

Today, without meaning to, my fangirl mode was engaged, thanks to a post by Leejay over at Tumlr: Rupert Grint dressed up in a tuxedo with the bow untied and drink in hand. Geez, and this kid’s only twenty!

I purposely resized it

The picture made me go to and found more goodies, including the interview that had that picture. Hah. So it’s not actually a Harry Potter fangirlism but more of Rupert Grint fangirlism 😛

OMG You guys

I’ll shut up now. But I found some really great photos, thanks to that RG site, and I decided to re-visit the site of my favorite Harry Potter fan artist: Hito76. It occurred to me that the picture above has a resemblance to Hito76’s drawing, but to clarify, the picture came after the drawing. 🙂

Once again, resized :p

Yes, I’m unabashedly a Ron-Hermionie shipper. Can’t wait for July!