Family Food Trip at SBMA

To celebrate Toben’s birthday, TaRuth decided on having lunch at SBMA. Sunday morning, with the sun shining and weather hot, we left Manila. We were going to meet my parents and my cousin Karla there. Mama was saying that the weather was really bad in Zambales, and it hasn’t stopped raining since the Monday.

I was supposed to go to Baguio with a few friends but the foul weather had us change our plans. So I was free to join my family for this food trip.

Storm clouds along the road. It was so think I couldn’t see the mountain.

We passed along SCTEX, which cut the usual trip from Manila to the base by about an hour. I remember when we were younger, we thought Olongapo was halfway to Zambales, where in fact it was just the start of the province. Also, as far as I know, the part that people keep referring to as Subic is still actually in Olongapo, but along Subic Bay. Subic the town is different.

Food trip!
Tita Ruth took us to Xpresso Xpress Cafe inside SBMA. They specialize in Italian food. We ordered this giant pizza; two orders of crab pasta, spicy peanut pasta, appetizer platter and veggie sticks with pesto-mayo sauce; and three giant burgers.

Hello pizza!

Appetizer plate (it actually arrived after the pizza was nearly eaten)

Crab pasta (left), spicy peanut (right). I like the crab pasta better. Yum!

Giant burger. One piece is equal to about two regular Burger McDo, with lettuce and tomato. I barely finished mine, deciding to forgo the bread and just ate the meat & veggies.

Simot sarap!

Happy family

For dessert, Miel and I had Peppermint Mocha. Lee ordered Mango creme while Tita Ruth ordered gelato: Spinach and mascarpone. Guess which tasted better (no, it wasn’t what Popeye ate to be strong to the finish)? Tea and coffee were also consumed.

If you do find yourself in Central Luzon, consider stopping by Xpresso Xpress Cafe in SBMA or SM Clark. It’s definitely worth the trip.

Went shopping in Freeport Exchange afterwards, then we split ways with my parents. Somewhere along the NLEX we stopped for a restroom break, and ended up having merienda at Razon’s.

I had two pieces of balut sa puti (which surprised me since I don’t really like balut) and their famous halo-halo. Mmm.

I didn’t bother to eat dinner when I got home. Thursday, I’ll be seeing them again, this time for ToDel’s birthday. Food trip again!


  1. What does SBMA mean? That's some huge burger. ^_^ I miss food tripping. I just can't do so lately because I'm watching my weight. ^_^V

  2. Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority. The base is actually the Subic Bay Freeport, and the SBMA manages it. People often call it "Subic," which is actually the next town which borders this area, along with Olongapo City and some towns in Bataan.Gah, I probably should feel guilty with all that food, but since this rarely happens… *nuninuninu*Ei Mark. Yep, the pizza was amazing. We finished it off in a couple of minutes and were debating if we should order another when the rest of the food arrived. :pOn Thursday, we might do another food trip, but this time, it's mostly homecooked. 🙂

  3. wow, food trip talaga! i've heard about that xpresso cafe and they said the food here is good. the food surely looks good! i hope i could go there one of these days (if tummy would permit). 🙂

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