UP… and down :p

I have a confession to make. I watched “UP” twice, and both times, I cried.

Not that it was a sad movie (I am warning you now if you hate spoilers… STOP READING!). It was actually very enjoyable and great for a lot of laughs. However, there was a part — and a pretty significant one at that — where you couldn’t help but tear up as the story goes along.

“UP” isn’t just about the adventures of Carl Fredrickson and Russell. It is also the story of a boy who met a girl, loved her, lived a wonderful life with her, and even though maybe it wasn’t exactly what they had dreamed of, they were very happy. It is a story of how the boy lost the girl many years later, and how he decided it was time to fulfill her dream, as he had nothing left to lose.

“UP” is a love story. It’s funny and it’s light, but it will touch a chord in you that will make you reach for the tissues as it goes along. It will also make your realize that even though our bodies may be limited, it’s still possible to have an adventure. And in the words of Russell, “It’s the boring things that I remember the most.”

Be sure to watch “UP” ok? Cross your heart.

P.S. So that’s where babies really come from LOL

P.P.S. I’d like to share this entry by my gradeschool/high school classmate Karl: “12 Things I learned from Pixar’s UP“. Half humor, all truths. Here as well is the colour script of UP from Lou Romano. Enjoy!


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