Rainy Saturday

Woke up to really strong rains. I was supposed to be at Fully Booked this afternoon for an event, but when I woke up, my first thought was “No way am I going out today.” I didn’t even look outside, as I was having breakfast with my dad. I only took a peek outside around 10 or so.

This is what it’s like outside:

The buildings are built about three or four feet above street level, so if I step out of the building I won’t worry about flood but that street is where we have to pass to get out of the compound. I saw a man crossing it earlier and it reached mid-thigh.

Most of the cars parked along there were moved inside the empty warehouses, in case the water moves higher.

Here’s a car that was trying to move in but got stuck in the water. The admin, security guards, and various residents tried to help.

Talked to my dad today and told him of the things going on around me, the things I’m doing and my plans for the future. I don’t get to talk to my parents much as they’re in Zambales, and even with cellphones or Skype, it isn’t as good as talking face to face.

He was really supportive, and afterwards gave me a hug and told me that in the end, everything was all up to me. I can choose where to go, and they’ll be there for me. Yeah, I cried again. I love my parents.

He said something about a project he wanted me to do. Coincidentally, it’s similar to something that I’ve thought about for years. If I start now, I think I pretty much meet the deadline. I’m excited.


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