Saturday night thoughts

I opened my Flickr account for the first time in months and saw a message in my inbox. It was from this person in Japan who stumbled across my photos and videos of Candelaria. He said that my last name was familiar as his first grade teacher had the same last name, and wondered if we were related.

At that, I smiled, but tears filled my eyes. I quickly typed in “Yes, we’re related. She’s my grandmother.” After that, I couldn’t finish and let myself have a good cry.

I miss you Lola.

It’s really nice to hear from people who stumble across my Candelaria and Zambales blogs. Some years ago a man from Germany wrote me asking for contact information to Coke Bolipata, my siblings’ violin teacher. Now, I’m getting messages from people who live in various places around the world but trace their roots back to Candelaria. It’s great.

I’m starting to believe that I may have this aura of “niceness”. I’m usually the person people (strangers) approach to ask for help, say, on the train or anywhere. The other night someone asked me if he could share my umbrella as we walked from the train station to the tricycle station. One lady, in a grocery store, beamed at me when she asked if I could help her with her things.

I don’t think it’s bad or bothersome. I just never really thought about it before.


  1. It's because you look nice or unthreatening. It's okay for the most part until those people who give solicitation letters asking for money think you're an easy mark :pCandelaria is a great place. Love Potipot.

  2. Or I look naive haha. I remember nun sa Cubao, I was going to visit Nunik and some guy stopped me to ask for directions to a place. I said I didn't know and had to go. Two weeks later, I was again approached by the same guy. Haha, it seems he didn't realize he was asking the same person. Obviously, scam yun.Uwi na tayo ng Zambales!

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