Typhoon Ondoy updates

I got these links from Manuel Quezon III’s Twitter. It may help you greatly in this time.

List of Places to Donate
Map Update Form (places that still need rescuing, etc)
Ondoy Victim Directory

Today, a few of my officemates and I went to help the relief drive in the neighborhood. There were a lot of people there: students, residents, employees — that we really didn’t get to do much. About an hour or so, we left, saying that we’ll go back later.

This afternoon, we went to talk to some of the families who took refuge here. They told their experiences and some really made me cry. They were all devastated that they lost so much, but they weren’t angry, and many of them had the same sentiment: “We’re glad to be alive and are with our families. Our things are the least of our worries.”

Thank God for that.