Bean Boozled on Saturday

Yesterday was a busy day. I did the Book Geek thing at Fully Booked, then met with Drew, supposedly to have ice cream but we ended up doing a lot of things except have ice cream. Afterwards, I met with my family for dinner with Tita Marilyn and Biboy.

Earlier, while Drew & I were looking at PSP prices and some toys, I bought a box of Jelly Belly’s “Bean Boozled”. It brought to mind the Every Flavor Beans in the Harry Potter series (which I’m sure was based on Jelly Belly’s anyway). I ate a few pieces — ear wax and rotten eggs, I think, and didn’t like it. Now, I think that meant their recipe is effective because if it was meant to taste bad, then that’s good right? *grin*

After munching on a few beans, I figured my cousins would get a kick out of this, so I saved it. My sister knew what it was and she was the one who made everyone eat a bean.

I got to taste toothpaste (which was pretty ok), pepper (ugh), pencil shavings (tastes like “anghit” daw haha) and I think it skunk spray. Thankfully, there was one piece of candy corn that I got. But while eating it, I had a glass of water and a tub of marshmallow candy next to me.

It’s good fun for parties and what not, but I’ll eat the regular Jelly Beans more hehe.

4 Replies to “Bean Boozled on Saturday”

  1. Wow, you've bean BeanBoozled! :)I've tried toothpaste, moldy cheese and booger. Man, oh, man!Wala bang pictures dyan AFTER trying the beans? That would be really, really funny!

  2. Wow! Where can I this? *wanna try wanna try! Hahaha!

  3. Edit: Where can I buy this?Hehehehe!

  4. Hi Noelle. It's available in any Candy Corner shop for P99.75 a box. 🙂 Be warned of the really weird taste for some of them! 😛

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