Bean Boozled on Saturday

Yesterday was a busy day. I did the Book Geek thing at Fully Booked, then met with Drew, supposedly to have ice cream but we ended up doing a lot of things except have ice cream. Afterwards, I met with my family for dinner with Tita Marilyn and Biboy.

Earlier, while Drew & I were looking at PSP prices and some toys, I bought a box of Jelly Belly’s “Bean Boozled”. It brought to mind the Every Flavor Beans in the Harry Potter series (which I’m sure was based on Jelly Belly’s anyway). I ate a few pieces — ear wax and rotten eggs, I think, and didn’t like it. Now, I think that meant their recipe is effective because if it was meant to taste bad, then that’s good right? *grin*

After munching on a few beans, I figured my cousins would get a kick out of this, so I saved it. My sister knew what it was and she was the one who made everyone eat a bean.

I got to taste toothpaste (which was pretty ok), pepper (ugh), pencil shavings (tastes like “anghit” daw haha) and I think it skunk spray. Thankfully, there was one piece of candy corn that I got. But while eating it, I had a glass of water and a tub of marshmallow candy next to me.

It’s good fun for parties and what not, but I’ll eat the regular Jelly Beans more hehe.


  1. Wow, you've bean BeanBoozled! :)I've tried toothpaste, moldy cheese and booger. Man, oh, man!Wala bang pictures dyan AFTER trying the beans? That would be really, really funny!

  2. Hi Noelle. It's available in any Candy Corner shop for P99.75 a box. 🙂 Be warned of the really weird taste for some of them! 😛

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