By now I’m sure you all heard of the massive power outage that hit the areas of Pasig, Cainta, San Mateo and Marikina last night.

I haven’t had internet for more than a week now, so as I was relaxing, reading a book, my brothers were playing “Plants vs. Zombies” in my laptop. I noticed that the lights were flickering several times that night, but I didn’t mind it. Sometime before nine, the power went out.

Normally, there would still be some light outside from the other places that had electricity. But when I looked out, I saw that even the far off buildings (near Cainta, I guess) were dark. I immediately sent an SMS to my uncle in Pasig proper, Den (who was from Cainta) and friends who lived in QC. Janice, who lives in QC, said they had power. My uncle and Den said they didn’t.

It was still a bit early to sleep, so we went down to the lobby to get some news (and mooch off a bit of the generator’s power, as the boys needed to charge their phones). We hung around a bit with their friend Kevin, chatted with Nanay and Ate Carol, then bought some snacks. It was nearly 10 when Miks and I went up, with Dion staying behind to finish his phone’s charge.

I went to bed, keeping the balcony door and my room’s window open to let the cool air in. I was drifting off to sleep when the electricity came back around 10:27. Miks was still playing “Plants vs. Zombies”.

This morning, the electricity went out again and is still out, as far as I know. I found a news item that said the electricity would be rotated among the affected areas until they can get it fixed.