Idiot box disconnect

A lot of people are surprised when I say I don’t watch TV anymore. When someone makes a comment on a soap opera or the latest Pinoy-adaptation of a reality show, I go, “What? Who’s that? Ano yun?” I can’t even relate when someone talks about that girl who keeps saying “Congratulations” on Wowowee.

Let me clarify some things though. I am not 100% not watching TV. I tune in on occasion to the crime shows on CS9, and if I manage to catch something interesting on QTV, I’d watch it. I love series like Chuck, Fringe, Bones, The Mentalist, Eureka and Psych, as well as watching Mythbusters or shows in Travel and Living, among others. Otherwise, I’m pretty much a non-TV person, with the exception of the occasional news when I’m at work or catching up on my old favorites when I’m visiting people with cable.

If asked, I could probably say that I haven’t been watching much TV since our cable service got disconnected about four or five months now. Then again, I could even pinpoint this back to 2006, when my aunt, uncle and I moved to separate houses and I didn’t have a proper television til a year later.

Like any kid my age, even kids nowadays, I grew up enthralled by the television. I faithfully watched Saturday morning cartoons and cartoons after school. I thank Sesame Street for the part they played in helping me with the English language. I love TV. That didn’t change as I grew older, adding more cartoons to the mix and discovering more interesting shows along the way.

But somewhere in that journey, despite the wide array of shows to watch, I lost some interest in TV. First off, given my oddly erratic schedule in school then at work, I didn’t have the luxury to watch the shows that I wanted when they were airing. Second, TV signal (especially when I was still studying) was so bad, I would rather be reading (well, that’s always my first choice). Third, having several people want to watch different shows at the same time is hard, especially when you all have but one TV between you all. Plus the proliferation of telenovela remakes and copies turned me off all the more. No matter what some say that this actor/actress is good and this series has some redeeming factors, sorry.

I guess that’s why I can easily go to place where there’s no television and still be ok. Now for the Internet… ah, that’s another matter.

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