Laugh lines

I was watching a performance of the UP Madrigal Singers over at Facebook and having a good laugh over it, when I realized something.

Most of the conversations I have that had me laughing so hard that I can’t talk or my stomach hurts, are with people whom I really care about. I know you can relate on that. Sure, I have conversations and have fun with people whom I barely know or just have a passing acquaintance (which is possible even with people you’ve known for years), but it never fails: all time when I’m with these people whom I feel closest too, I laugh.

When I laugh really hard, my eyes turn into slits and I can barely see. My mouth splits into a wide grin and often, my gums can be seen. When I laugh really hard, sometimes no sound comes out. I can’t talk and my stomach hurts. Sounds awful? Nothing can be much further from the truth.

Who are these people? Topmost on the list are my family. My parents, my siblings, even my cousins, aunts & uncles. If there’s anything that never fails to occur, no matter what the occasion, it’s us laughing about anything and everything. And when I say laugh, it’s in a really good way.

The friends category is a bit mixed. There’s my best friend and her family, then there’s my college best friends. There’s the J2 and Helfdesk folks, and there’s my online friends, to name a few (sidenote: How can you have a bellyaching laugh with online friends? Trust me, it’s possible). There is never a dull moment with any of them.

Feeling down? Think of the people who can give you a good laugh. The kind of laugh that you can’t get from comedy shows, jokes or things you get online, but rather, the kind of laugh that stems from a deep camaraderie of your relationship with one another.