We’re on Day 2 of the power rotation scheme, Day 1 being yesterday and Day 0 being Wednesday evening when the transformer exploded.

It’s been quite interesting, really. Since I’m out for most of the day when the power is down, I mostly have to endure about two to three hours of doing nothing. The boys have been constantly draining my battery as they play “Plants vs. Zombies.” It’s not so bad the last night and tonight because my family is here and we pass the time talking.

It brings to mind my childhood days when power outages are a regular occurrence. The days when Internet, Playstation, PSP and various other electronic entertainment — aside from the TV, radio and if you’re luck, a Famicom — are few.

Nunik and I usually complained about the heat, but my parents taught us how to grin and bear it. If we were in the province, we’d have our grandmother fan us with her numerous abanico fans. Sometimes we’d also complain about missing the cartoons we watch on TV, especially since power outages were rather unpredictable. Other than that, we found ways to amuse ourselves.

One of our favorite games was playing with the candle’s flame. We’d take turns passing our fingers through the flame, and we felt really brave doing that. You would think that we’d get reprimanded by our parents or grandparents, but they were the ones who taught us how to do it in the first place.

During power outs, or brownouts as they’re commonly called, ghost stories are a must. Being the scaredy cat that I am, you’d think I would hate it. On the contrary, I do listen even though I know that I’ll have nightmares when I go to sleep. There’s something deliciously fascinating with scaring oneself, no?

Brownouts back then was the perfect time to indulge in your imagination and spend time with your loved ones without the distraction of technology.

Today, people have their cellphones, MP3 players, PSPs/DS and laptops. I’ve seen many who freak out when power runs out and they don’t have any juice on their gadgets. I can relate, but a part of me thinks it’s pretty sad that we’re so dependent on these things now.

If there’s one thing this power rotation brought, it’s how people in our compound started to get to know each other. When the power dies, people step out of their units, hang out at the lobby and chat. Some share a smoke, some talk about their pets or their kids. Others are just happy to sit back and watch the goings on around them.

I don’t want to go back to the olden days BT (before tech) because hey, I love where we are now and the conveniences these lovely toys bring. But sometimes, it’s really just nice to disconnect and remember the simple things that we can enjoy.