Christmas cheer

Merry Christmas everyone. No graphics or anything this year. I got lazy.

It’s been heck of a year for me. Every year, I take time to wonder if it was a good year or a bad year, and in the end, I really can’t say it was either one. Sure, a lot of bad things happened, but there were plenty of good ones too, and even if they don’t balance, in the end, it’s just all about how you got through it, and how you’re still standing.

And as every year, most of the things I end up being really happy about are not the material things. Sure, maybe I got a new gadget or toy, but half of the time, I say “thanks” for the people around me.

I’m thankful for my family whom I’ve gotten to know a bit better this year. I’m thankful for their support, the humor, the laughter and even the drama. It’s made us stronger, and more appreciative of each other. Regardless of the challenges, you know they will be there.

Then there’s the family I chose: my friends. Oh God, I am so thankful you gave me these people. They know who they are. They’re the ones who endured hours of YM/Plurk chat about… well, they know what it is. All of them listened, offered their thoughts, their suggestions, their support. They made me laugh when I felt so down and hopeless. They’re the ones who were just there, even in the distance, they kept me sane. So if I could just give them all a big (if virtual) hug right now, I definitely would. These guys and gals truly rocked my world, and for that I’m thankful.

I’m thankful for the gift of good health, not just for myself, but for my parents, my siblings, my grandpa, cousins, aunts and uncles, friends… A few of them have been mentioning some aches and pains, or a few problems with their heart, cholesterol, high blood, hypertension… but they’re still going strong. I hope you continue to give them this blessing, because I’m selfish… because I want to see more of them next year.

I’m thankful as well for the people at work. Mid-2009 was one heck of a whirlwind, one which I still can’t fathom until now. But we survived, and I think we’re better for it. I met these really amazing people, and though I’ve only got to spend three months with them, I really, really like them all. I hope that even as I’m leaving, I can maintain the camaraderie with them. My boss, she’s really something else. In the three months I’ve known her, I’ve come to respect her and love her. She isn’t just a professional, but she’s also kind, sweet and very down to earth. I suppose it may have something to do with the fact she’s also a very public figure, but she’s also true to herself and to others. I had the pleasure of working with her, and I hope that soon I would be able to again.

As for the reason why I’m leaving, well… I see that as a great opportunity. Sometimes I ask myself if I did the right thing, but I don’t think there’s any turning back. Besides, I think it would be a good change. A new challenge, which I hope will help me be stronger.

Though I far consider this from last, it will be just for the sake of this post. I pray that this time next year, I will be writing a post in Japan. Ching and I applied for a scholarship, and we’re hoping for some good news in February. So, please pray for us. It’s for a 7-month language course in Osaka, Japan, afterwards, we’ll go to grad school *crosses fingers* When we’re there, expect postcards from Japan.

So I say thank you for the blessings, and learn from the not-so blessings/failures/disappointments. Enjoy the rest of 2009, my friends, and I’ll see you in 2010.