My awesome grandpa

I accompanied my grandfather to his check-up last night. We had a bit of a wait before our turn, and when he started feeling impatient, he chatted with the other people who were also in line to see the doctor. Most of them were in their senior years, and funny enough, their stories started out with tales of their health woes. I mean, why were they there in the first place?

The conversation turned to more interesting topics. It stemmed from how long have they been this doctor’s patients, til it moved on to their occupations, to their ages and their families. One of the men said he was 62, and he asked Lolo his age. My grandfather said, “Guess.” The man didn’t hesitate to say “I’m guessing you’re around 72 or so.”

I’m sure I heard a slightly smug tone in Lolo’s voice when he said, “I’m 84.”

Everyone joined in the conversation then, and found some common things to talk about, mainly, school and work. The man who guessed Lolo’s age was a retired teacher, and Lolo was a retired district superintendent. The man’s son is a UP graduate (Business Admin, I think) and working at HSBC. The couple across us was also from UP, the woman working in the College of Education, handling the scholarships and exchange programs. She offered this information when my Lolo mentioned that he took his MA in Education at UP, and was sent to the States in 1964. The lady asked my Lolo who was the president of UP at that time and kudos to his sharp memory, he remembered. Which is something because I’m not even sure who was the president of UP when I was still in school.

She asked him who the dean of the College of Education was, and he couldn’t remember, but he offered two names of his teachers, and the woman knew them. She said her son (I think it was her son) is a doctor and graduated from UP Med in 2002. Lolo told them I went to UP too, and they all chatted like old friends. I don’t think the woman believed I graduated in 2002.

Sunday night, Lolo was talking about his teaching experience. I immediately took out my camera and recorded his voice. I want to write it down one of these days. Years ago he rarely talked about his past, but now, he opens up. It’s quite nice. I hope I have a video camera too, so the recording would be better.

Heading out for his eye exam today, which would be the last of his check-ups for this year. He’s pretty healthy, which is really good. Thank God!


  1. Benta na nga si Lolo lagi sa akin eh haha. I know he feels frustrated that his age is catching up with him, and he misses Lola terribly. But I do want him to be with us for many more years 🙂

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