Weekend post

It’s one of those weekends where everything seemed to just fall into place. Despite the hectic-ness of it all, the oh-so-close and nearly missed times, things worked out that you couldn’t just help go “wow, thanks,” after everything.

Evecar & JP’s wedding
The day finally arrived. My best friend’s older sister, whom I consider my older sister too, got married yesterday. It was truly long event-in-the-making, most of the details which I didn’t really know except for a few bits and pieces, courtesy of Nez and her cousin, Manuel.

I was supposed to be at the family’s condo in Manila at 8:00 AM, but since I wanted to pass by The T-shirt Project’s sale, I arrived there around 10. I was immediately set upon by the make-up artist, who had no idea I wasn’t part of the entourage until the last minute of my, er, making up. Nez wanted me to have a hairpiece like the bridesmaids but I thought that was overkill. Besides, the color didn’t fit my dress.

Things were running great, from my point of view. I thought we were right on schedule, especially as the bride’s family was notorious for being late. Carlo, one of their brothers, told me that we were actually still late, based on their original time table, but I pointed out that at least we started the ceremony with everyone complete.

The wedding was at the Manila Cathedral, but we went by Sofitel for a pictorial with the bride. I gave in to my best friend’s request and wore 4.5″ Christian Loubotin patent pumps. I walked from the parking lot, through the side entrance to the elevator and up to the room where the bride and groom were preparing. I barely sat to rest my aching feet when we were ushered out again to the lobby/Le Bar for another set of photos. To which I whispered to one of the titas, “Why am I here again?”

I really cannot see the point of high hells, er, heels. Sorry ladies. I’m more Danny Choo’s fan than Jimmy’s. I tried to really, really, make it work, but where I’m normally the fastest walker in my group, I ended up being the slowest. It was an experience, all right… one I’d rather not repeat. Thank God for back-up shoes.

I did manage to get into the pictures. I was sitting in one of the couches when one by one, the bridesmaids sat down beside be as the bride was taking a picture with her mom. Afterwards she joined us and the photographer started to take photos. Most of the time, I just stood there (or sat haha).

We were at the Cathedral around 4 PM. I thought we were going to start immediately but it turns out that there was a previous wedding going on so we had to wait. It was a military wedding, complete with cadets and sabers to salute the bride and groom as they exited the church. It was rather interesting, even the wedding after us, where the male half of the entourage we all Caucasian men wearing Barong Tagalog. It was definitely an interesting sight and too bad I didn’t have a picture.

The wedding was beautiful. I couldn’t help but tear up as Evecar walked down the aisle. There were a lot of happy tears around but it was the groom’s dad who stole the show. He really cried as he was walking with his wife and JP and it was so touching.

The reception was at Intramuros and wow. I can’t find enough words to describe it. It was elegant, classy and just awesome (sorry for the so over used word). We were all thankful that it didn’t rain. Not a cloud in the sky to mar the beautiful evening.

Photo by Nelwin Uy

I got roped into the bouquet toss, but it was my best friend who got picked in the end. The guy who got the garter was a classmate of the groom.

Afterwards, I went with Caryl (one of the bride’s sisters), Manuel and his friend for pictures around the grounds. What I’d give for a professional photographer (or at least, a tripod), but I think we made great use of our point and shoot cameras. Hey, it’s only once in a while that we’d be all dressed up and in such a fabulous location.

It was late when we left Intramuros. I ended up sleeping at their house, because I thought my bag was at the condo so I had to wait for it in the morning. Turns out it was in the car all along, so I could’ve gone home. Oh well, it was nice to be able to just relax after such a hectic day.

Everything was just beautiful that day. The church, the dresses, the make up, the location… I could go on. Even the little glitches were things that you could overlook because of the way everything just fell through.

Did I mention that the bride wore two gowns? For the church ceremony she wore a Vera Wang wedding dress, then for the reception, it was a St. Pucci one (or I got it the other way around?). The maid of honor, my ever fashionista best friend, wore Oscar de la Renta. I get my fashion education from them haha.

Congratulations and best wishes to JP and Evecar-Cruz Ferrer!

Toy Story
Supposedly, I was going to watch “A Christmas Carol” with Drew. However, I was late… and it was 3D. Kuripot the two us were, we ended up doing a small food trip (well, it was mostly me who was eating/drinking) while walking around.

Legos are love, love, love. They cost an arm and a leg though, so I’ll end up doing some wishful thinking. Ah, but it’s nice to dream, and who knows, maybe I’ll end up buying something one day.

On the way home, I managed to buy some gifts for the office Kris Kringle. Got a few items that I needed as well, so I ended up spending a bit more than I expected. Oh well.

Tired, but in a good way. Here’s to another work week!


  1. hey kat! haha, i just chanced upon your post. ngayon ko lang nakita kung ano ang nangyari that day (based on your perspective), haha, di ko na notice yung heels na pinasuot nyo ni nez. parang normal ka naman maglakad that day ha :Pmaraming salamat sa support ha. :)we labs u! 🙂

  2. Haha, naku. I'd do whatever I can for you guys, you know that. :)The reason why I walked normal is because hindi ko na siya suot after the photoshoot sa Sofitel. From the church til the end, I was wearing mules hehe.

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