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Thursday thoughts

Slow day at work today, at least for me. I don’t think I spoke more than a hundred words from the moment I logged in. My co-worker was busy, and it was rather hard to talk to each other when we’re facing the opposite directions.

I spent a good time reading all sorts of things today. I caught up on the news, read some design and travel blogs.

I wouldn’t say I was bored, though. My mind was active the whole time, thinking, analyzing and processing — and I didn’t feel sleepy. At one point however, I was so tired of being holed up that on my afternoon break, I went out and took a walk.

I don’t know how long I took, but it was good for waking my mind up. See, as active as it was, it was still sort of asleep. It was a good walk though, and I managed to take some pictures on the sly.

My editing skills suck. This building reminds me of the hotels you can see in U.S. cities.

Bakugan inside the mall. Kids still play this?

Someone left their notebook. I don’t know what’s inside, and yes, that is my takoyaki. 🙂

Points of interests today:
– I was down to my last P100 today. I had to budget everything: fare, my meals and snacks. I’m happy to say that I had breakfast, lunch, dinner and merienda, and I didn’t really go hungry. Still, most of what I ate didn’t include rice, which isn’t really odd, and it’s not as weird as those 3 days in 2006 when my brother and I had an unwilling fast.

– Heading home, I passed by the lavatory at the mall. I heard some children’s voices and presumed they were some woman’s kids. A stall door opened and I expected a mom and the kids but all I saw were the kids, a boy of about six and a girl of about four. The boy was telling his sister to “hurry up and don’t forget your Timezone card” while the girl was fussing with worry because she wasn’t really sure what to do. Cute kids, and sorry, didn’t get a pic.

See? I told you there’s bound to be something interesting in every day. 🙂

Oh yes, what do you think of yoga? There’s a Bikram Yoga place in Eastwood, and I’m interested.

Infamous… Not

Well this is interesting (told you there’s bound to be something like that everyday).

My cousin Miel and my friend Presea both asked if I did any work for PLDT. Apparently, there’s an ad on the Inquirer today featuring two comic strips about life and the Internet. The artist’s name is Kat Sales.

I went through a mental inventory of work I did, and of everything, the only comic strip I ever remember doing that’s published online is this and this. It doesn’t sound like what Presea described, so I don’t think PLDT lifted it or anything. I don’t even remember doing work for anyone recently. I wish though. The extra money would be nice.

Here’s the drawings. Photos were taken by my cousin.

I can safely say that is not my work. For one, it’s not anything like I’ve ever done. Two, well, most of my works look anime-ish, no matter how hard I try. Three, like I said, I was never commissioned by PLDT or any one for any project… but it definitely would have been interesting 🙂

If this other Kat Sales would eventually stumble upon this entry, drop me a line. I’d love to meet you. 🙂

UP Naming Mahal talaga

UP Diliman Oblation

UP exam results bring joy, anguish to applicants

Ah, it’s that time of the year again.

I remember when I was applying for UP. I had used up several copies of the application form because I wanted mine to be clean. I also spent a lot of time talking with my mother about what course to pick. She told me to choose accounting, especially since then, I had planned to take up law afterwards. My choices ended up as thus: UP Diliman as the first campus of choice, with Accounting and Journalism as the courses, then UP Baguio with Com Sci and Journalism as my courses.

When the results were released, it was my best friend’s older sister, then a freshman in UPD, who looked for our names. Sadly, she told us that we weren’t on the list. I felt grim at the prospect of going to school in Miriam (no offense meant. It’s just that my mindset has been on UP for so long), as that and DLSU were the two other schools whose entrance exams I passed (I didn’t make it in Ateneo), and goodness knows we couldn’t afford DLSU.

One day, near the end of senior year, I arrived home from school and my tita said, “May sulat ka galing UP.” (You have a letter from UP). Nervous, I took my time opening it. It was a thin, legal sized, dirty white envelope. I was expecting a rejection letter, because what else could it contain? My acceptance letters from Miriam and DLSU were really thick ones, containing information as to what I should do upon enrolment, so I wasn’t really excited to open this one.

Inside the envelope were several folded sheets of paper, mostly mimeographed ones. The single sheet of white paper had those perforated edges with holes in them, and that was the one I opened first.

I still laugh every time I remember those words, as it is probably the most unusual words one could ever read in an college acceptance letter. “Congratulations” would be the most typical. I, however, got this:

“Due to the planned expansion of UP College Baguio, you have been admitted…”

Long story short, I went to UP Baguio. I picked Journalism because… it was bound to have little or no math subjects. Ironically, the jobs I entered in after graduating were in the tech industry.

Regardless of the campus, studying in UP is an experience I will never ever trade for anything. And despite the differences of each campus, you know you’re still in UP when you visit one. I know that’s how I felt when I went to the Diliman, Manila, Los Baños and Visayas campuses.

Congratulations to the new batch of Isko and Iska. Study hard, but have fun as well.

P.S. Urban legend has it that when you have your photograph taken with the Oblation while you are still studying, you will not graduate. Not sure if this means “not graduating on time” or “not graduating at all.” Hehe.

Photography wan-oh-wan

Presea told me about a basic digital photography workshop she was going to attend. Given that the price is reasonable and the location good, I thought I’d give it a go as well.

The class was small, which was good because it allowed us to feel more at ease with our teacher James Nicolay (who really is a teacher by profession, rather than a photographer). The er, lesson was easy to understand. A bit overwhelming at first, perhaps, plus a little daunting when everyone else had a DSLR or at least a semi-pro camera.

Ego moment though, when I was told that I had a good eye for photos and should consider upgrading my camera (my ever lovely and reliable Canon Ixus 80 IS) soon.

Here’s the five photographs I submitted for critique, already edited and watermarked.



Carillon II


Tin Tin

You can view the other photos here in my Flickr.

This class was very helpful in learning the basics of photography. Sure, I read books and tutorials but sometimes, the terminology and the text can be daunting. At least now I have a better idea of the technical side of photography and I’m also more familiar with my camera. I’m considering getting a DSLR sometime this year, but that’s all plans. Still, I had great fun and I’m more confident now with what I can do, photography wise.

Mid-day musings

It’s lunch time, although I had my meal a little earlier. I had to go to the bank to get my ATM card, so I thought I’d take an early lunch break. At 11, I was already out of the office and walking the rather long walk to the bank.

I truly didn’t mind the walk. I like it, and consider it as my exercise. It’s not really much of an effort, really, given that the terrain is flat. I do terribly mind the heat, and wish I had some sunblock.

Eastwood is an interesting place to work in. It’s quite unlike Ayala, where you could contain yourself in your building and be happy. Plus, given that Ayala is a major road, you do get people who are not normally working in the area. Eastwood, however, is like a cul-de-sac. It’s a place one has to specifically go into from the very busy E. Rodriguez avenue. That’s not to say that it’s a difficult place to get to. On the contrary, there’s a lot of ways to get here.

The difference is, Eastwood is contained, compared to Ayala, or even Ortigas (although there’s a bit more similarity with the latter than the former). When inside Eastwood, you feel like you’re in a community where it wouldn’t be hard to know everybody. Already I’m seeing familiar people during my daily walk, and the most fun part of it all is, I even see people I used to work with.

It is, as I said, interesting. And there are plenty more places I haven’t see to explore.

I am happy to have found complete online collection of Sherlock Holmes stories. I’ve been meaning to get a copy of the book but until my finances are flush, I’ll make do with this. My payday is still two weeks away, so I am living on a very strictly budgeted life.

I’m quite sleepy now. The Mountain Dew didn’t have an effect on me, it seems.

Randomness, again

From this day on, I resolve to find something interesting every day. Even if the day is bad, even if it was boring, so long as there’s one interesting thing, I’m going to have to document it. Kind of like a Project 365, only it’s not going to be just pictures.

Today, I spent the whole day in an orientation. I arrived at exactly 8:30 and it already started. So I didn’t have time to dump my stuff at our little corner of the world.

Some parts of the orientation were lively, some boring, but all informative. It was interesting to note that I was practically the only non-engineer in the room. Even the kid next to me is an engineer at age 21. It just makes me wonder how come he looks so young compared to my brother who is the same age?

Work’s good. Still in the stage of nothing much to do, which I was advised to enjoy. Eastwood is an interesting place. There’s still plenty of places I haven’t explored, especially the part around the Eastwood Mall. Maybe in the weekend.

Ok, my mind’s blank now. That’s what happens when I multi-task. I lose focus of what I was supposed to do in the first place.

Besides, a few of my thoughts and ideas are not meant for public consumption (heads over to the blogs that have a privacy function per entry).

Tomorrow is my last day of the first week at work. I’m going to get my ATM card, but I won’t have any money just yet because I didn’t make the cut-off. I will be financially dependent on others for the meantime, hah.

Oh, I already have an idea for my 365 tomorrow. I’m looking forward to getting a picture of it. 🙂

2010’s generated New Year’s resolutions

I posted a link on Plurk about a New Year’s Resolution Generator. Most the stuff it throws up are pretty decent, but it becomes funny depending on the person’s point of view.

I didn’t note the ones I got that time, but I’m going to give it a go again. Here are my top ten generated resolutions, followed by a brief commentary hehe.

This year I will…

1. Let go
I laughed at this first, given the events of last year, but when you think about it, it makes sense. I need to let go of the things that burden me emotionally and spiritually, as well at the material things that I don’t need or just clutter up my life.

2. Be happy and healthy
I made a mental note late last year to start living a more healthy life. I’m mostly sedentary, but I do a lot of walking to and from my office. This year, since I’m moving to a new place, I’m planning to find a route that’ll allow me to get my exercise in as well. I’m also planning to do some exercises to tone my body. I’m not really fat, but I’d love to be more fit.

As for being happy, I’d like to think that I am, but I know I still feel discontent with a lot of things. I guess that’s related to generated-resolutions no. 1.

3. Grow basil
I have actually been meaning to do this for a while now. I love pesto, and I’d love to have my own basil so I could make pesto any time I like. I already know where to get seedlings. I just need to put the plan into action.

4. Wear sunglasses
There’s a reason why I don’t really wear glasses of any sort. First off, it’s hard for me to find one that fits me. I have to get them custom fitted. Second, I tried, I really did, but I get irritated by the feel of the glasses. Although, I’m seeing the merit of wearing a good pair, especially if I’m going to be walking around most of the time.

5. Get married
As I’m typing this, I am hearing “The Wedding March” playing somewhere in the building. Huh? Well, I’d love to get married but for the fact that I don’t have a groom. Hehe, oh well, there’s still plenty of time left in 2010 right?

6. Appreciate the simple things
Even though I already do, it’s nice to be reminded this every so often.

7. Throw a dinner party
My sister and I are actually planning one! I hope it pushes through! I’m excited!

8. Get to know the neighbors
I live in a condo building with my three brothers. They already know a lot of people here, while I only know the shopkeepers (some who already moved away). So yeah, I should get to know them, even bit by bit.

9. Throw a penny in a fountain
Then make a wish right? 🙂

10. Back up my computer files regularly
I am guilty of not doing this! As my laptop is approaching it’s second year, I really should get to cleaning it up. I really need to back-up my photos too. Time Machine must be engaged!

I made a mistake and clicked on the generator 11 times, so here’s an extra one:
11. Stay in touch
Thanks to the wonders of the Internet, it’s far easier to stay in touch with people, but it’s also difficult because there’s a mindset that “Oh I can contact them anytime.” I love finding friends online, and I love talking to them about how they are. I hope I can talk to more friends this year, and better yet, meet with them in person. 🙂

What’s your resolution?

Hello 2010

I try not to compare each year to the other, because each is unique, with all the events that happened and the people you interact with, most of all, how you were. 2009 was as interesting and exciting as the years before it. I’m thankful that we got through it. I’m thankful for my family who’s always there, for the friends who gave me laughter, great & silly conversations, love and so much more.

Here’s to 2009, and to 2010. Happy New Year!