Thursday thoughts

Slow day at work today, at least for me. I don’t think I spoke more than a hundred words from the moment I logged in. My co-worker was busy, and it was rather hard to talk to each other when we’re facing the opposite directions. I spent a good time reading all sorts of things […]

Infamous… Not

Well this is interesting (told you there’s bound to be something like that everyday). My cousin Miel and my friend Presea both asked if I did any work for PLDT. Apparently, there’s an ad on the Inquirer today featuring two comic strips about life and the Internet. The artist’s name is Kat Sales. I went […]

UP Naming Mahal talaga

UP exam results bring joy, anguish to applicants Ah, it’s that time of the year again. I remember when I was applying for UP. I had used up several copies of the application form because I wanted mine to be clean. I also spent a lot of time talking with my mother about what course […]

Photography wan-oh-wan

Presea told me about a basic digital photography workshop she was going to attend. Given that the price is reasonable and the location good, I thought I’d give it a go as well. The class was small, which was good because it allowed us to feel more at ease with our teacher James Nicolay (who […]

Mid-day musings

It’s lunch time, although I had my meal a little earlier. I had to go to the bank to get my ATM card, so I thought I’d take an early lunch break. At 11, I was already out of the office and walking the rather long walk to the bank. I truly didn’t mind the […]

Randomness, again

From this day on, I resolve to find something interesting every day. Even if the day is bad, even if it was boring, so long as there’s one interesting thing, I’m going to have to document it. Kind of like a Project 365, only it’s not going to be just pictures. Today, I spent the […]

Hello 2010

I try not to compare each year to the other, because each is unique, with all the events that happened and the people you interact with, most of all, how you were. 2009 was as interesting and exciting as the years before it. I’m thankful that we got through it. I’m thankful for my family […]