Infamous… Not

Well this is interesting (told you there’s bound to be something like that everyday).

My cousin Miel and my friend Presea both asked if I did any work for PLDT. Apparently, there’s an ad on the Inquirer today featuring two comic strips about life and the Internet. The artist’s name is Kat Sales.

I went through a mental inventory of work I did, and of everything, the only comic strip I ever remember doing that’s published online is this and this. It doesn’t sound like what Presea described, so I don’t think PLDT lifted it or anything. I don’t even remember doing work for anyone recently. I wish though. The extra money would be nice.

Here’s the drawings. Photos were taken by my cousin.

I can safely say that is not my work. For one, it’s not anything like I’ve ever done. Two, well, most of my works look anime-ish, no matter how hard I try. Three, like I said, I was never commissioned by PLDT or any one for any project… but it definitely would have been interesting 🙂

If this other Kat Sales would eventually stumble upon this entry, drop me a line. I’d love to meet you. 🙂


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