The slow destruction of my childhood cartoons

One of the things I best remember about my childhood is the TV shows I used to watch. Until now, I strongly hold on to the belief that of all the things I’ve seen on TV in my lifetime, the 80s to early 90s had the best cartoon shows in the world. Sure there are pretty fun and interesting cartoons now, and even ten years ago, but that doesn’t hold a candle to the collective awesomeness that was the cartoon/tv world of my childhood.

During my elementary years, I went to school in the afternoons so I was able to watch the shows in the morning. Afternoons I’d rush my dad so I could catch even just the last few minutes of whatever’s on. Friday nights we’d stay up a little later than usual to watch ‘The Real Ghostbusters’ and ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ (which Drew said was later replaced by ‘Batman’). Saturdays were definitely not for sleeping in because we’d be up by 7 to catch the cartoons, which will go on until noon or so. There’s often an argument between my brother and I because sometimes, we’d want to watch different shows in different channels. Although I believe things did work out fine.

Here’s but a few of the ones I remember watching, trust me, there were A LOT! Honestly, it’s hard to say which one is a favorite, because all of them can easily fall into that category. This doesn’t even include the anime shows (except the ones that were on mainstream US already) I watched.

Which leads me to the reason why I wrote this post. A couple of months ago, I posted something about the new Rainbow Brite image. I wasn’t happy with it. Later today, a friend posted a photo of some Rainbow Brite dolls, and she wasn’t happy.

I wasn’t so happy about it either. In past few years we’ve seen networks, movie production companies, toy companies and whatnot re-create the cartoons of the 80s. Some were successful and well received, creating interest not only among the younger generation, but rekindling the interest of the kids who used to watch them and are now into their 20s and 30s.

Some were not so successful. My friends and I would discuss why something that was so good then wouldn’t work now. In some instances, whoever owned the rights to these shows would change the image to fit the tastes of the current market. Unfortunately, if often doesn’t sit well with the original audience it targeted.

I can’t understand why they have to “Barbie-tize” Rainbow Brite. Her appeal back then lay on the fact that she was young, sweet and innocent. Her look now makes her look like a Bratz clone (and goodness knows I don’t like Bratz. The name itself it already negative for me).

I can’t see anyone from the generation who originally watched Rainbow Brite liking this. Ugh.

P.S. I am well aware that a lot of the shows before were geared to selling merchandise. That isn’t my point really.

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