Yes, I know I’m lazy

I owe myself several blog posts. Don't ask why I'm lazy to blog, I just am.

While I'm polishing up my entries for my second Zambales weekend last May, and the family cookout we had early this month, here's a quick rundown of other things happening in my life:
  • My sister's moved in, and we have Manang Gaya to help around the house. It's crowded at home now, but we manage. It's another adventure.
  • Got back in touch with some of our playmates from years ago. Here's to a reunion soon.
  • Lots of food trip with my colleagues at work
  • Attended the launching of Espresso comics, a free comic compilation that'll be available soon in MRT and LRT stations in Metro Manila. Plans of submitting something are underway… I hope.
  • Pocky. Lots of Pocky.
  • More food tripping, I hope.
  • Book hunting. I found four of the "Once Upon A Time" series, and I had fun reading them. I'm keeping my eyes open for more of these books.
  • Still not able to update my Project 365. I tried to take daily photos but I do miss out on some days. Still, it's a good effort. I hope to be able to upload them soon.
Now, I have to write. Anne and I have plans for July, and I am desperate to have that go through. I also have a pending freelance job, and I'm also anxious to get that running. I really need to discipline myself to be a better manager of my life. See you.
Oh yes, the plans I have for Little Tokyo are still on. If you're game, lemme know.