I’ve just seen Toy Story 3 and I’ve got spoilers

I just saw Toy Story 3 (yes, weeks late, I know) with my sister and I had one of the most enjoyable times ever. Kids my age (yes, I’m a kid haha) would definitely have a fun time with it. Toys are toys, but it’s far more enjoyable in so many ways.

I don’t do reviews (because I find it hard not to gush or bash and just be objective), but here are my thoughts on the movie. Warning: Spoilers, and possible nonsense.

  • Recognizable toys – Since Toy Story 3 is about toys Andy’s outgrown, there are no fancy gadgets here. At most, you get battery operated toys (like Buzz) and a few others. Many are action figures, stuffed toys and dolls. I was very amused to see Totoro (of Hayao Miyazaki’s “My Neighbor Totoro”) among Bonnie’s toys. I squealed, yes.
  • Any one who’s played with toys as a kid and have outgrown them can recognize Andy’s concern when he realized his mom had thrown out his favorite toys, ones that he’s kept all those years (you’ll also see the parallelism of this to the first Toy Story, where Andy was moving to a new place and he thought he lost Woody and Buzz). You’ll also be able to relate, I’m sure, to the last part where he was giving them away and was very reluctant to part with Woody.
  • Ken. OMG. He’s so gay, but he’s not. I would presume his personality is because he is a girl’s toy (no matter how hard he protests). He may be flashy and vain, but I think he’s really a manly man.
  • References to other toys. “I know you don’t know me from G.I. Joe!” This had me laughing because I used to pair my Barbie with my brother’s G.I. Joe, wishing they were taller and bigger so they’d be more compatible with my doll.
  • Buzz’s Spanish mode and dance. Wahahahaha. Nuff said.
  • Poor Woody. Bo Peep’s gone. 🙁 It’s presumed that somewhere between the TS2 and TS3 she either got sold off at a garage sale or donated somewhere.
  • Effin’ creepy Baby Doll. My great-grandma had one and it’s still around at our house in Zambales. I usually yell when I come across it while digging through old stuff. I don’t know why they kept it.
  • The trolls on the train. My god, I really, really laughed out loud. It was embarrassing but dammit, I didn’t care. My best friend had a cabinet full of those stuff, while I had one and it came from a old crush who got me for Kris Kringle back in 6th grade.
  • I literally teared up at the last scene, where Andy gave Bonnie his toys and had one last play time with them. You can see the likeness of that with the first TS and the opening scenes of this movie. Just goes to show that no matter how old you are, there’s still a kid inside you.

On a side note, I loved the short at the start, “Day and Night” (or was it “Night and Day”). Best part? The sunrise/sunset.
There’s probably more I’ll remember, but for now, that’s it. I hope you got to see this movie. It’s truly enjoyable.


  1. Hi Kat! This is a nice summary of Toy Story 3. And I don't mind spoilers—I already watched this movie anyway. Toy Story 3's worth it! I love it to bits and my boys too.Never a dull moment. Awww, naiiyak na naman tuloy ako. The last scene made me tear up too.

  2. The baby's freaky! Well, not until they arrived to the daycare. I got teary-eyed at the ending especially when the li'l girl lifted Woody's arm to wave goodbye. :'( Oh man, I have a bunch of toys that my parents want me to let go of. But I'm really attached to them. 😛

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