Plurkers invade Bohol

September seems to be my vacation/travel month. Two years ago I visited Sagada. Last year, I went to Baguio (which shouldn’t really count). This year, I surpassed my quota (if I actually had any) by going to three different places: Bicol, Tagaytay and Bohol.

It’s my first time to see Bohol outside TV and pictures and it’s a strong candidate for a place I want to retire to. Seriously. While some people prefer city life, I can happily survive in small, provincial towns. Given that I hardly go out most of the time, I hate pollution and traffic, it’s an ideal place. Not to mention that there’s Internet there too.

I was with fellow Plurkers Joiz, Jan, Shabby and Marco. We booked for three days and two nights at Linaw Beach Resort in Panglao island. Of all the places we asked, this was the one that replied rather promptly with all the details we needed. The pictures showed a rather nice place so everyone gave it their approval. When we got to the resort, oh my. It was worth every centavo. Downside: no complimentary breakfast. Everything else was good.

We were practically the only people there, although we did see some people from other resorts dropping by the restaurant for dinner and some visitors coming in the next few days. It was nice to have it all to ourselves. On the first day, we didn’t do much except to go around and take pictures. The atmosphere was so relaxing, I would feel drowsy every time I sit down (which was what happened some time after lunch). Sat down to read “Hunger Games”, then the next thing I knew, it was mid afternoon and everyone was gone.

On our second day, we went on the countryside tour around Bohol. That means no island hopping, nothing too tiring or adventurous — unless you count crossing that hanging bridge that had me screaming bloody murder when everyone started jumping and swaying. I did not relish the idea of falling twenty or so feet into the brown waters of Loboc River. Yes, I was scared. Very much so. :p

So, tour. It started off rather promisingly, especially with the Belgian guys. Headed off to the Chocolate Hills (too many tourists posing for wacky shots), then to the butterfly sanctuary (did you know that there are butterflies that are both male and female?). Took a look at some tarsiers (I kinda felt sorry for the little creatures), crossed that blasted bridge (twice), caused traffic along the man-made forest and went on the Loboc River tour.

We also tried to spot some more Belgian guys but no such luck. Second day ended with lounging about the resort, going for a swim after taking a picture of the awesome sunset, falling asleep on the hammock after dinner and having a can of beer.

Third day, we were up early to take some last pictures of the place. I’m in love. Diabolical plans of getting ourselves adopted or getting a job are hatched. Instead, we got hit with more poverty by doing the calculations of what we spent. Oh well, I think it was well worth it.

Bohol is great. Everything was green and I swear that each home had a lawn. First time I ever saw grass growing that lushly. There were a lot of old houses and old churches, and the nipa huts had patterns that served as décor, and possibly made the walls more sturdy. Didn’t like our part of the beach though. While the sand was fine and white, it got more grainy towards the water and there were sea grass, which didn’t look good during low tide. Still, the view was beautiful and very, very relaxing.

Overall, it was a great trip, with a lot of firsts. Definitely rates a second (and third, fourth, fifth and so on) trip back. Many thanks to my awesome companions as well 😀


  1. It *WAS* fun fun fun. I wish to come back & be adopted by the Russian(not sure) couple who owns the place! In hopes of eating Belgian guys, este, fries all day long! hrhrhrAlso, I was the one who kept jumping up & down the hanging bridge. Sorreh na! *ninja flee*

  2. I'm so glad we pushed through with the Tagbilaran plan. 🙂 Even though we didn't get to beach, no thanks to the weeds, it was still great to have been on a Bohol tour and see/be surrounded with the beautiful greenery. It's too bad we didn't see Loboc River at its finest though.Good thing the weather still cooperated even though there were rain clouds (there were even lightnings around 4AM on the second day). It's so easy to fall asleep there. XD;We should have some anniversary trip there. XDDD

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