Wizard Madness

If there’s anything I’d go crazy about, it’s Harry Potter. While I haven’t gone all rabid like some fans have, I still am rather ga-ga over the franchise. Crushing on Ron, impatiently waiting for the last two movies to see the much awaited Ron-Hermionie kiss (I have a feeling that this is the pairing people are waiting for, more than Harry and Ginny, whose romance, IMO, is very lackluster).

Warner has officially released ten (or so?) TV ads for the movie in their official YouTube. I watched all of them in less than five minutes and I was dancing in my seat. Slashfilm also posted a video courtesy of Yahoo on some quick, behind-the-scenes look at the Deathly Hallows.

You can see various scenes that weren’t in the previously released clips. Knowing that half of them won’t be seen until next year is making me pretty angsty, but I can wait. Impatiently.

Slashfilm also mentioned in this article that the Harry Potter franchise is quite possibly the most epic movie in the history of entertainment. While we can’t argue that the Star Wars franchise is also big, it doesn’t have the continuity of HP. For one, there are eight movies all in all. Two, the people in the movies are pretty much the same people from Day 1 (with the exception of the late Sir Richard Harris). Lastly, the movies are open-ended, making each one connected to the other, thus making it “a perfect circle”. I can’t help but agree.

November 19 is coming very soon.

PS. Sorry, I’m too lazy to find the links. Will edit later. 🙂