Hello. Hi.

Oh hey, I won the lotto. Three numbers = PHP 150. Not bad for a P20 bet haha.

It’s been a busy past few days. Last weekend, I went home to Zambales with my family. My aunt and uncle was visiting from the States, and we had the three boys there as well. We weren’t complete, because my two brothers stayed behind in Manila, and our other cousins weren’t present. Nonetheless, we had a great time.

The kids spent most of their time together, watching DVDs and playing around the house. We took a lot of pictures, went to the beach and had a lot of fun. We visited our grandma and uncle’s puntod, as well as those of our ancestors. It was a great weekend for family bonding an relaxing. I wish we had more of those.

It was also a nice surprise to see several Plurkers in Candelaria. I saw Lem and Lorelene, who were there with their family. Rina was also there. I said hello when I was in the resort with my sister’s friends. Then I went to watch a really, um, entertaining beauty contest. LOL.

Last Saturday I went to the wedding of my good friend Thea and her man of seven years, Justin. Thea and I knew each other from Sykes, while coincidentally, Justin went to OBMC during his elementary years. I went with David, my high school best friend who happens to be a good friend of Thea from college. Small world huh?

Still a lot more I need to do with this post: New Pinky, new teammate, lunch out at Cafe Lidia and so on. I just wanted to post something.