5th Christmas Toy Con

Today, I went to the 5th Christmas Toy Fair. It was also a joint event with the Mom’s Holiday Finds. I really wasn’t planning to get anything, but I was hoping to score some Pinky:St parts from Akihabara Toys. It was also my first trip outside after a week’s seclusion thanks to my infected eye. My sister gave me the go-signal to go out, so long as I take care of myself.

Yue, Ryan and I agreed to be there at 10 AM so we can maximize the morning. Yue arrived first while the mall was still closed. I arrived a few minutes later and Ryan came much, much later, thanks to the traffic in his area.

While waiting for Ryan, Yue and I went ahead exploring the booths that were there. According to Yue, this was a much bigger event than the last one she attended. Ryan said the same thing later on, that the space for the 2009 con was smaller than this year’s.

Here is the Akihabara Toys booth. They’re a toy store located at Malolos, Bulacan. Field trip, my fellow toy collectors?

Japanimation also had a booth there.

Since there’s so much to see, I will refrain from trying to write something in a narrative form. Instead, I will spam you with pictures (which you will see by clicking on “Read more” below) and provide some comments.

Even at that time, there were already a lot of people, but thankfully it wasn’t crowded. Yue dropped off toys at the toy donation area.

Browsing for toys

There were certainly a lot of booths, and so many toys for sale!

Ryan is hunting for comics.

Want manga? I remember the time when back then you can only get them from C.A.T.S. and the only publishers were Viz and Dark Horse.

I wanted to buy this but there was no volume 1, which was the only thing lacking to make the series complete. If there was one, I might have gotten it.

Anime CDs! Most of them were of the “old” series, the ones I used to watch back in high school and college. Original ones for P100.

DVDs this time. The sign said P200 but some of them were labeled with a higher price.

Drew was looking for Ghostbusters toys. I saw two sets of them: One Christmas themed (P4,500) and one regular (P3,800). Both had all four of the guys plus Slimer. The former had Santa Claus hats hehe.

Ugly Doll keychains for P100 each.

Manny Pacquiao figures. I forgot how much it cost.

This one is cute.

Poster for the local 3D animation, RPG. I want to watch this.

Anime figures!

Strike Freedom Gundam Lightning Edition, P16,000 I think?

The K-On! girls

This is from the series “The Spirit of Wonder”. I remember collecting this 4-part manga back in high school, then there was an OVA too. The girl is Ms. China and the guy is an old scientist who likes to harass her. It’s like Happosai and Shampoo.

Doraemon figures.

Yue said this is the author, but which one? Fujio Fujiko is a pen name for the artists of Doraemon right? *will research*

Ryan and Gilbz will like this.

Darth Vader Bearbrick

Captain America’s shield and Thor’s hammer

Life-sized busts: Juggernaunt, Ahnold, LeBron, Kobe and behind them is the Penguin.


Yue got a panda, but we were snickering over this because of the poo.

Elvis figures.

I got some things too, a cute Hello Kitty fob watch and two other things I’d probably give away as gifts so I can’t post a picture of that ehehe.

Afterwards, Yue and I checked the Converse sale. I didn’t get anything, but she got a jacket.
I’ll probably buy shoes during none sale days instead. Headed to Makati much later, but that’s another story. 🙂


  1. Ah!! I should have edited & gave you the picture with the mustache last night!Sorry, I haven't edit the photos yet. (;^^) BTW, that Doraemon author figure is Fujiko "F" Fujio the other guys is Fujiko "A" Fujio.Usually F-sensei draws mangas really for kids.& A-sensei draws little "Black Humored" mangas.Sometimes scary ones for adults.I better starting doing my reports also!!I enjoyed reading yours<3

  2. Bakemono yuh. Lots of toys and so very little moolah.Yue haha, you can send it to me any time. That was a really funny toy. I now wish I got it. Next time 🙂 Thanks for clearing up the difference between the two. :DShabby, exactly that T_T

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