Techie woes

My phone’s ancient. By today’s standards of smartphones and tablets, my phone should’ve been replaced years ago. It’s a first generation touch phone, when Nokia was still working on its Symbian phones with sliding keypads, mine was already revolutionary for being a colored phone that looks better but works as well as a Palm.

I’ve had my Sony Ericsson P800 since 2004, and I got it with much drama. I’ve lost it thrice, dropped it countless of times, tried replacing it with a Motorola and a Nokia N92, but it still comes back to me. It even survived a theft last October.

I’m somewhat proud of my old phone. It’s been with me for six years, going on seven. It looks awful now, what with the loss of the keypad (which isn’t really a keypad), the gaping front cover, the missing stylus, the broken battery cover and the peeling paint. Still, it’s long proved its durability and I know I’ve gotten my money’s worth.

I’ve used it to capture pictures of events and concerts (seriously, but I was front row that time so it was easy). I’ve installed third party apps for games and taking videos. I don’t know how many pictures I’ve taken with it, but it has, over the years, been pretty handy even if the quality isn’t that good.

Early today, I couldn’t send out any messages. At first I thought it was a network problem, as my boss was having trouble sending out messages. I didn’t really mind it, but after two hours and I still didn’t have a signal, I wondered if it were a phone problem. My teammates started teasing me, that I should retire my phone and get a new one. I was seriously contemplating on doing just that.

When I got home, I traded phones with my brother just to see if I could pinpoint the problem. His SIM worked fine on my phone, but my SIM didn’t work on his. Ergo, it’s a SIM problem, which makes me really, really sad. I’ve had this particular number for almost as long as I have the phone. I don’t want to throw it out and get a new number.

I’ll be heading to Globe sometime this week just to check if it’s still possible to save my SIM. I hope so. If not, then I just might give in and get a postpaid line. *sigh*