Coming soon

After eight years of blogging with Blogspot, I’ve finally decided to get my own domain. It’s something that I’ve been planning for years, but it never really entered my mind to really get one. My plans for it included a portfolio, or a writing blog, but as years went by, it just kept getting pushed back.

Thanks to my good friend Yvie, I have a host and a domain. She got it all up really fast. I just shot her an email asking if she’s still a reseller, and the next thing I knew, I was sending the payment and filling up an application form.

It’s still not ready, although the domain is functioning. For now, I’ll be found on this domain, but soon I’ll move. I’ll miss Blogspot, as it’s been my home for so long. I’ve learned the basics of HTML through here, and I’ve seen the service change from it’s pre-Google days to what it is now.

Oh well, it’s about time for a change right?


  1. Wow, eight years in the blog world, is an amazing feat!

    Hehehe, bagohan lang ako, mga 2 years pa lang, at medyo may improvement from my first post.

    1. Hi Ms. Ebie! Naku, 2 years is long na rin haha. I’ve been moving back and forth with different blogs, though I don’t think I stopped writing talaga. 🙂 Your blog’s wonderful. Ganda ng pictures ninyo and you’ve done a lot!

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