Getting lost in Binondo

Finally, our plans of going to Binondo pushed through. Aldekari has been planning on this trip for a long time, but for some reason or the other, we never really got to doing it. Sunday was our day, and despite a few setbacks, we were off.

Our transportation of choice was the jeepney. We met up early at Edsa/Shaw and took the jeepneys going to Quiapo. The driver mistook our destination for some other church and tried to drop us off at San Sebastian. “Sabi namin Quiapo!” we said, and he charged us an additional P3.00 each. Oh well.

Quiapo was bustling. There was a mass going on, and there were people doing their business along the streets and in Plaza Miranda. I am truly amused at how Quiapo has a big Catholic structure there, at the same time around it are people who offer the non-Christian services like card reading and fortune telling. Such a lovely study of contrasts.

Also, that day, people were selling fresh produce at Baguio prices. Den, Ching and I were all agog, wanting to buy whatever we can carry. Then again, it wasn’t advisable since we were going for a long walk after all.

And walk we did. From Quiapo down to Hidalgo then to Carriedo, crossing from Sta. Cruz Church, past the fountain, to the archway saying “Welcome to Binondo.” I acted as a tour guide, having gone to Binondo before.

Den gleefully asked for a picture with this statue

First stop was lunch at Waiying. I ordered roast duck with soy chicken and had a glass of lemon Coca-Cola to go with it. Sarap! Busog!

And that is the only picture of food that I took that day. Weee.

We decided to just walk around for a bit, looking into restaurants and shops. At one grocery, Ching found some of the pork floss she wanted, so we stopped by to purchase some. I was sorely tempted to buy the Nescafe Gold 3-in-1 pack (20 pcs for P200) but it wasn’t within my budget. I did end up buying some Belgian Chocoloate Pocky (P50 per box).

Ok, so this counts as food.

We passed by Eng Bee Tin to buy some hopia, then headed to Dong Bei. We had one order of regular dumplings with chives, and one order of shao long pao. Yum. I got a pack of frozen dumplings to take home to my siblings.

Since the temple Ching wanted to go was farther than we realized, we didn’t know where to go next. While deciding, I saw a group of kids having ice cream and I said, I want one! We got it from this grocery just a little bit across from Eng Bee Tin. The funny thing is, Ching said the ice cream is Korean, not Chinese. Still, it was pretty good. I got a strawberry cone with real strawberry bits in it.

It was mid afternoon when we decided to head home, or at least, head out of Manila. Since I was the unofficial “tour guide” I was the one who called the shots on which roads to pass. Admittedly, I made a mistake so instead of heading back to Quiapo, we ended up at Recto. Ang layo di ba? Oh well, I was with my friends from college. That distance is nothing to us. :p

After much walking, we got on an FX to Megamall, where we basked in the cool air conditioned environment and rested our weary feet.

May part two pa daw ito next month. 🙂


  1. Lorna – Di kami natuloy sa Sincerity. Basically sa Waiying at Dong Bei lang. Mabilis nabusog eh haha.Kimmy – Tara tara dali! Gusto ko bumalik!

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