Good fortune cometh

What does your fortune say?

When I was younger, my mom was interested in Feng Shui. She had several books on it and arranged our house based on the principles of it. I never noticed if it did any good for the family business, but I have to admit that our house looked really nice. I read the books and I was fascinated by the idea of it all. I never really believed that such things could dictate your good fortune, but with these centuries old knowledge backing it up, how can it be wrong? Arpee even told me a story of how a co-worker used Feng Shui to make sure his team did well at work. True enough, the team did perform excellently until he moved away.

Speaking of fortunes, I had my fortune told earlier today. The first time I had my fortune told was during my freshman year in college. I joined the field trip of one of the other classes my History I teacher held, and we went to a Feng Shui expert in Baguio. While she didn’t exactly tell each of us our individual fortune, she gave us an overview what a Metal Rooster should expect in 1999. She gave us tips on how we should set up our room, what things we should change, what we could improve on and what we should watch out for. It was fascinating, to say the least.

It was just a short and very light sort of reading for numerology and feng shui. I didn’t want to get my fortune told at first but Josephine did, and since our birthdates are a day apart (don’t mind the years), I was curious as to how different (or similar) our fortunes would be. The numerologist had me write my name, my birthday and my signature. Using that as a basis, he surmised that I am a family oriented person. Since I confirmed I wasn’t married, he asked if I had other family obligations and I affirmed. My over-all fortune, according to him, is that my life is steady and stable, in career, health and love life. According to what he saw, I’m pretty content with where I am.

It was quite similar to what the Feng Shui lady told me. Using the same data to read, she said that I didn’t have to seek luck and good fortune because I already had it. While I had a long road ahead of me to travel, I was definitely going to succeed getting my goals, perhaps later in the year. She said, however, that while I was content where I am, it would be better if pushed myself to be more. She also advised that I change my signature. Since my last name ends with an “s”, it would be more fortunate if I ended that with an upward stroke. She also cautioned me to keep watch over the people I give my trust to. As I’m mabait, I can be easily taken advantage of if I’m not careful. Ok, noted.

While I found this all fascinating, I’d like to take it with a grain of salt. I’m not a disbeliever, yet at the same time, I wouldn’t call myself a true believer either. I’d take it as a guideline on how I can live my life. For example, the readings of the Feng Shui lady was very good advice, one which I shall take. While I believe that we make our own fortunes, it’s not something I’ll scoff at, especially if it was meant to bring me good fortune.

Tomorrow we celebrate the new year based on the Chinese Lunar calendar. I consider it as a “second chance” of sorts, if you weren’t able to get a good start on 2011 when it rolled in based on our current calendar. I hope it will be a good year for you!