Coca-Cola’s “Any Concert, Anywhere”

James Morrisson is the reason why I first heard of Kings of Leon. He sang KoL’s “Sex is on Fire” in the BBC Radio 1 sessions a few years ago and I thought, “This is a cool song!” Googled them and a few seconds later, I heard the original and loved it. Caleb Followil’s voice is unique, and while KOL has a sort of country feel to their music, it’s still good old rock and roll.

The song’s been covered several times over, but I prefer Matishayu’s take on “Use Somebody” over Haley Williams’.

When I learned that I had the chance to see Kings of Leon perform live, and in Ireland no less, I was stoked. I’ve heard their latest album “Come Around Sundown” and I’ve become an even bigger fan. I’ve always wanted to go to Ireland and to be there to watch the Followill boys perform is pretty much a dream come true.

Do you want to watch Kings of Leon? Or for that matter, watch any one of your favorite artists live, any where in the world?

That’s right. By just drinking Coca-Cola and Coca-Cola products, you get the chance to win a trip with accommodations for yourself and a friend to watch a concert anywhere in the world! Best of all, there just won’t one winner, but thirty. Believe it!

Are you ready? Head on over to Coca-Cola’s “Any Concert, Anywhere” website to get details on the mechanics and a list of the concerts you can choose from. I’m hoping I’d get the chance to see Kings of Leon, but I won’t say no to seeing Train, MGMT, The Foo Fighters, The Script and of course, the iconic Santana.

To inspire you, here’s Kings of Leon’s newest single, “Radioactive”. And while we’re on the topic of Coca-Cola, why not drop by The Real Thing Cafe at Il Terrazzo, Tomas Morato for great food? Good luck everyone!

Promo Duration: Feb. 14 to Mar. 30, 2011
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