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White Plains is a familiar territory. During my elementary years my dad would take that road to get me to school. I grew up seeing the familiar landscaping businesses on one side, the pretty houses on the other and the man selling kesong puti at the end of the road. It’s changed so much over the years. Some of the houses are no longer there, one even becoming a small, gated residential community. Many houses have become business ventures, ranging from cars to salons and even banks, but the most popular of all being food.

Once such place is Monsee’s Chefs and Bakers. A recent discovery of my friend Arpee, this neighborhood bakery is hard to miss as you traverse this side of the Katipunan Avenue. Aside from being next to Lola Idang’s, a landmark of the area itself, Monsee’s looks like a charming and bright country home. It’s inviting atmosphere lures to come in, have a seat and feed your appetite.

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Upon entering, you’ll be greeted by rows and rows of freshly baked bread. Their bestseller is the Pan de Motsi, pandesal made out of rice flour. It gets sold out pretty fast so if you find some in stock, you’d better go get as much as you can. It goes well with butter, or better yet, dipped in chocolaté de batirol.
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I ordered Truffle, a pasta dish with mushrooms, asparagus and truffle sauce. It’s probably the most expensive thing on their menu at P225, but it’s worth it. The earthiness of the mushrooms isn’t overpowering and complements the slight tang of the garlic. It’s a dish to be savored and it was all I could do not to scarf it down.

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Monsee’s has a variety of cakes available. One that I definitely shall order is their Red Velvet cake. I only got a taste but it’s the best red velvet I’ve tried. The problem with a lot of this kind of cake is that it tends to go to the dry side, becoming just a regular cake with red food coloring. Monsee’s red velvet is rich and flavorful. A bundt costs P1,300 and it’s truly worth the price.

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They also have muffins. I ordered blueberry as it’s my favorite, and I got to taste some of the others. The most surprising one is the zucchini muffin, which I though was either carrot or banana with walnuts.

As my stomach (and my wallet) can only take so much, I had to limit my intake, much to my dismay. Don’t think that Monsee’s is expensive. It falls about the same price range as say, Conti’s or Mary Grace, so I don’t think it’s not something people cannot afford. The beauty of Monsee’s is that they don’t scrimp on the ingredients. The price reflects the quality of what they use. They also don’t over produce, for example, making only around 600 pieces of Pan de Motsi in a day (that’s why get them early).

This Valentine’s they’ll also be coming up with new dishes, so drop on by to have a taste.

Monsee’s Chefs and Bakers
118 Katipunan Avenue, Barangay White Plains, Q.C.

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  1. Masarap lahat ng pagkain nila dito!! haha. Blueberry muffin is heaven. 😀 . dito ako bumili ng ginger bread house. pwede ko post pic dito? hehe

    1. Pinagawa mo yung gingerbread house? Sige, post mo lang yung picture. I’m sure everyone would love to see it. 🙂

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