Family Trip: Zambales

Going home to Candelaria, Zambales never gets old for me. It has a certain charm that endears itself to its visitors and entices them to come back. This year, the BaƱares family trip was a little earlier, mostly in preparation for my cousin Karla’s grade school graduation.

Attendance to this outing wasn’t complete, as we missed my siblings who had school to attend, as well as Miel’s parents who were traveling abroad and her brother Lee who had a previous appointment.

We left Manila early Friday. Vacation leaves were filed and we met up at Q.C. for a quick breakfast. Ten of us, including my dad, his kumpare and our driver, and his son RJ piled in a new van we thus dubbed as our mini bus and headed out.

Our trip was uneventful, not much stopovers except for gas, snacks and longanisa. We arrived at Candelaria by noon. Had lunch, then spent the afternoon at Mama’s office. A quick visit to the beach was a must, but no one really wanted to take a dive. Instead, we contented ourselves with taking pictures and just hanging out.

The rest of our stay was punctuated by delicious food (including lechon, Mama’s homemade pastillas, green mangoes and the delectable Vigan longanisa). Activities were rather limited. No videoke or trips to Potipot, but we did have lots of fun conversations and kept ourselves up to date with the events in Japan. We spent one day at the beach to swim a bit, but we were content in just relaxing.

Before we left for Manila we did a bit of touring around Potipot Gateway and Uacon lake. At Potipot Gateway, I was surprised to see a very familiar looking carpet, down to the rips and tears along its sides. I insisted that it was our old carpet, and after a bit of research when we got home, my mom agreed. No, we don’t want it back. We’re just amused.

The journey back took longer than usual. We had a side trip to Casa San Miguel (more on this at a later post), and a merienda stopover at SBMA (where I got new shoes on sale weeee). So happy.

Great weekend despite the sniffles and sore throat! I’m very thankful for this time. Til the next adventure!

Currently Day 1 pictures. Will add more as soon as I can.
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