More Weekend Adventures

I realized that I’ve been around Metro Manila around enough to not get lost. At least, I know how the streets and places look like. I’m not so sure if I know the names of those places.

When Plurk buddies Ryan, Yue and Drew decided to go check out the Gashapon selection in Robinson’s Ermita, my first question was “Is that the same as Robinson’s Place Manila?” My best friend confirmed it, so I was confident we’d get there without mishap.

Except the cab driver asked, “Sa Pedro Gil o sa Padre Faura ba kayo?” (Are you going to Pedro Gil or Padre Faura?) Hala. I wasn’t sure so I went with the first that popped to mind. “Padre Faura!” I figured once inside the mall I could just ask where the store was. Then I remembered the last time I was there, I got lost looking for Bistro Ravioli. Oh joy. I prayed hard that we wouldn’t get lost on the way or be stuck too long in traffic.

We did arrive in good time and the fare was just below a hundred bucks. Not bad, considering we came all the way from Makati.

Gashapon Galore
Ryan told us that the gashapon place was near Toys ‘R Us. We went inside the department store and was disappointed to find not a single one. We ended up inside an amusement arcade with rather disturbing rides, but was a source of hilarity for all of us.

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Finally, we decided to ask one of the attendants at the toy section if she knew where the “toy vending machines” (I didn’t know how else to describe them) were. She pointed us to the direction of another amusement arcade… which was right next to the actual Toys ‘R Us of the mall. And there they were, the gashapon.

Yue and her sister were ecstatic. I wasn’t looking for any particular gashapon, since I already have a Kurama from Shabby. I did, however, had a few moments of uncertainty when Drew said, “Ayaw mo ng Youko?” (You don’t want the Youko?) but I somehow managed to pass it up. Besides, I had already spent half of my budget on the magazine… *ninja*

Some of the gashapon Yue was looking for wasn’t available. Thankfully, the Toys ‘R Us staff were accommodating and allowed her to buy the remaining Pentax gashapon that was on display. I think the staff was amused at us and mistook all of us for tourists.
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Halina Kabayan Ko
Probably the weirdest name for a store that I’ve ever encountered. Technically, it’s not a store really. More like a warehouse with a lot of things from Japan on sale. We made a beeline for the toy section and went crazy. Yue and her sister raided the manga section (how I wish I could read and understand Japanese so I can buy them too), while I immediately scoured the shelves for Revoltech stuff.

Unfortunately for me, the only Revoltech that was there weren’t ones that I liked (even if it was a Fraulein). I did get me Volume 3 of the Clamp no Kiseki series with three chess pieces for P600. Bargain!

There were other interesting stuff there. HKK is like Japanimation, only they have furniture and stuff that looked pretty brand new. They also had a lot of Louis Vuitton (but still expensive) and most of the toys there were all still sealed.

We took a cab back to Makati. Yue and sis hauled their stuff home, while Drew and I had an early dinner at Sango.

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  1. >Besides, I had already spent half of my budget on the magazine… *ninja*

    lmao!!!! hehe I should say sorry coz I was the one who pull you to that EVIL THING!! (horns on her head)
    Thank you so much again for the day…& sorry if I asked you & Drew too much!
    (I was the one who kinda, insisted to go at HKK)
    But it was wonderful there!! We should go back some other time…next time with ryan! XD

    1. Aww Yue, no worries! I had fun that day and it would be great to go back for more stuff. 🙂 Thanks for the excellent day!

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