In June 21, 2008, I wrote a list of things that I wanted to accomplish. It was inspired by one of my blog visitors, and it’s called 101 Things in 1001 Days.

Basically it’s a list of things you want done, and you have to do it in 1001 days.

I’d actually forgetten about it several times since. When I remember, I’d go back to the list and be surprised at the things that I was able to do. Last night, I remembered that I have this list as I was reading through my old blog posts. When I checked it, I found out that my due date was March 17, 2011.

It feels weird to realize that it’s been that long. A thousand and one days have passed, and I didn’t notice. Not that I actively count anyway, but to know the actual number that transpired, it’s somewhat surreal.

It also feels a bit odd, and kind of sad, to realize that I’ve only accomplished 35 things out of 101. While I’m happy for what I’ve accomplished, I somehow feel that I could have done more.

However, when I look at the list of things that I’ve done, I realize that in itself already counts as a lot of accomplishments. Take for example #75: Visit Bacacay (Albay). It’s my mother’s hometown, and I haven’t been there for over ten years. My family has been making noises about wanting to go there, see the family and go around the place, but nothing’s happening. Last September my best friend and I went to Bicol on a very spur-of-the-moment trip, and I got to visit Bacacay.

But that’s not all. I managed to do a lot of things on the trip that I have never even planned on doing. I got to try wakeboarding. I ate laing pizza. I got to take my brother on his first plane trip. So while I only crossed out one thing on that particular list, I’ve added more than one on my “What I’ve done” list.

Same as #69: Go to Sagada. Yes, I’ve gone there, but I’ve also done spelunking, made friends with fellow tourists, ate at the Masfere Cafe and saw the Banuae Rice Terraces.

Like I said, this list is one thing, but comparing to what I’ve actually been able to do, it’s only a few things.

Someone wise once told me that writing down your goals and dreams help make them more achievable. Sharing them with people also helps, as you become accountable for it and people want to know how you’re coming along. Because of that, I’m thinking of what else to do for another 1001 days, and this time, I’d like to accomplish more.


    1. Thanks Ebie! Haha, well quite a few of these things were accomplished unconsciously, born out of spur-of-the-moment things, so it turned out ok either way 😀 It just feels great to realize what I’ve done and all that.

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