Easter Sunday

The fondest memories I’ve had of Easter Sunday was waking up really early to join the Salubong. I don’t remember how old I was, but I remember my grandmother gently shaking me and my brother awake. We’d slip into our street clothes and even don some light jackets to ward off the early morning chill.

My Lola was active in the Catholic Women’s League, and it’s thanks to her (plus Super Book and Flying House) that I am familiar with Catholic traditions and Bible stories. While I’m far from being an active church-goer these days, I still find comfort in these traditions.

This year’s Easter Sunday didn’t fall into the regular route of the years past. I woke up late, missing the Mass (I try to make it a point to go during special occasions) and barely making breakfast. Still, I had a nice morning talking with Lolo, and I went around the house taking pictures.

Plants are among my favorite subjects, since you didn’t have to pose them or worry about how they look (they’re always pretty). Plus, there were a lot of flowers in bloom, so it made for an interesting subject. Originally, I was going to take photos of Danbo, but he got tired fast.
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My Lola was an avid gardener, much like her mother. She used to have a lot of orchids and bougainvilleas around the house. As a kid, we’d help her trim them or water them in the afternoons. I usually would pick the latter duty because I knew that digging through the plants would mean meeting up with a worm or two.
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Still, I learned a lot during those hot afternoons. Lola was a patient teacher, and if we made a mistake, she didn’t get angry. I had a healthy respect for plants and animals, including my much hated bugs, insects, worms and frogs.

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I hope you had a wonderful Easter. I’m grateful for mine. It’s always a great time to reflect and be thankful.


  1. ang saya siguro ng feeling na lalabas ka mag walking sa labas ng umaga, i remember those days, and it feels nostalgic talaga sakin. halos napapaiyak ako kasi childhood memories ko yun eh. naalala ko rin yung super book and flying house, kakatuwa 😀

    1. Masaya din. Although as a kid I used to hate waking up early. It’s just that my grandma made it into a game that I had fun with it. 🙂

      Those cartoons were classic! I suppose every kid around our age would know it. Haha.

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