Friday 5: Clean

I thought I’d do a meme today. I haven’t done one in a while, having missed out on yesterday’s Booking Through Thursday (though I can probably catch up). Today’s Friday Five is all about cleaning. How apt.

  • What’s in need of a good cleaning?
  • My room!!! It’s clean when you look at it, but in the corners, the nooks and crannies… oh my. I’m ashamed.

  • What’s your idea of good, clean fun?
  • Hanging out with friends, watching a movie, going on a food trip, browsing a bookstore…

  • How clean is your driving record?
  • Very clean. I’ve only driven once in my lifetime, when my dad was trying to teach me. I don’t really know how to drive.

  • When did you last make a clean escape?
  • Hmm… Probably in a meeting or a seminar. I can’t remember.

  • What are your feelings about dirty language?
  • If it was said in jest, or as part of a story, fine. But don’t turn the air blue with it, or say it to me as an insult. I’d be uncomfortable.