Utang sa sarili

I owe myself a couple of posts. I used to be able to write everything down as soon as it happened, but I guess I’m not so gung ho about writing them as before. There’s quite a lot I’d like to share, so I thought I’d do a bit of an outline here. Feel free to remind me about it. I plan to play a very big catch-up this upcoming four day weekend.


  • World Book and Copyright Day
  • Travel writing/being a better writer
  • Weekend with friends/food tripping
  • Art goals
  • Freelancing

There’s still a few more but I it’s still rather vague. Anyway, I’m really excited to get these done over the weekend. I won’t have Internet, since my mom’s service is down, so even if I bring my laptop, I should have plenty of time to do non-digital stuff. Weee.

Things to do:

  • Continue with Cherry Blossoms
  • Sketch, then paint
  • Organize books to sell
  • Catch up on Project 365

Wish me the best!